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June 4th - 10th, 2018

Plus 6.5 Units for the week plus a great day at Belmont

Today's Picks

Sunday June 17th, 2018

A massive day for us here at Max Action +8.5 units on the day and +5.5 on the week overall! Our soccer experts are 4 for 5 including a hit on Iceland draw +410.  Today Germany takes the to the pitch looking to start their run to a second straight cup.   Boston and Seattle continue their tough series out west and Miami is getting plus odds against a hapless Baltimore team.

Germany -227 at 4 units

Costa Rica +420 at 1/2 unit

Boston /Seattle over 8 -110

Miami +160

Saturday June 16th, 2018

Yesterday was another even day so we are treading water.  The World Cup heats up today with powerhouse France starting things off bright and early.  Croatia looks to make a statement early and a tough Iceland team battles perennial favorites Argentina.  Throw in plus odds on Bumgardner and a small price on Milwaukee who is one of the majors hottest team and we have all the makings of a huge day.

France  -370 at 2 units

Croatia -130 at 3 units

Iceland Draw +410 at 1 unit

Mississippi St -165 at 3 units

Giants +130 at 1 unit

Milwaukee -143 at 2 units

Friday June 15th, 2018

Sorry about the confusion yesterday we will be taking Uruguay and Morocco today.  Even on the day and down 3 units for the week tonight we look to get back to our normal winning ways.  

2 Team Parlay Astros & Cleveland  at 2 units

Milwaukee -142 at 1 unit

Uruguay -156 at 2 Units

Morocco +127 at 1 uni

Thursday June 14th, 2018

Today marks the start of the World Cup so if you haven't already checked out our Betting Guide please do so.  Russia is the host nation so there is little doubt they will be pulling out all the stops to get that first win.  Uruguay looks to prove it deserves the praise they've been receiving and a hungry Moroccan team will be eager to do away with a tough but over matched Iran.

Russia -218  at 2 units

Uruguay -156 at 2 units

Morocco +127 at 1 unit

Over 8.5 Yankees/Rays  -105 at 2 units

Wednesday June 13th, 2018

After  rough one last night where the bullpens blew it we are looking to rebound with a few games that our experts absolutely love tonight.  Degrom has been one of the majors best pitchers and tonight he is nearly even money against a team he can and will dominate.  Seattle is one of the hottest teams around and Houston although struggling to find their rhythm like last year is finally starting to turn the corner and play back to championship form.

Mets -120 at 2 units

Seattle -105 at 2 units

Houston -160 at 2 units

Tuesday June 12th, 2018

Let's get the week started off right with a pair of locks.  Rockies have Jon Gray who has been pitching to his potential lately and the Mets and Atlanta have 2 hot starters in Wheeler and Foltynewicz going tonight.

Rockies +135 at 2 units

Mets/Atlanta under 8.5 -110 at 3 units


Today's Plays

Sunday June 24, 2018

We here at Max Action take it seriously when our bets lose.  We pride ourselves on giving the best information and betting advice possible.  There is no sugar coating this week, it has been a struggle for sure and that is why our experts worked late into the night to come up with a Sunday Success package to get you back into the black.  They have pinpointed a quartet of hot teams in MLB all at plus odds and look to ride England to another dominating World Cup performance against over matched Panama.

England -1 3/4 -103 at 2 units

1/2 half England -146 at 1 unit

Arizona EV at 2 units

Phillies EV at 1 unit

Miami +146 at 2 units

Seattle +190 at 3 units

Saturday June 23, 2018

Our College World Series experts already nailed one 8-1 team to reach the final and tonight they look to secure the second spot with fan favorite Mississippi St.  The desperate Germans take on a solid Sweden team just looking to tie to all but lock up a birth to the round of 16.  

Belgium/Tunisia under 2.5 -106 at 2 units

Germany/Sweden under 2.5 -101 at 1 unit

Rays+143 at 1 unit

Mississippi St ML at 2 units

Friday June 22, 2018

If not for a Cubs bullpen meltdown last night could have been special.  Today we have a full slate of MLB games but the picking is incredibly thin.  Our winning ways have continued in the World Cup, Iceland and Switzerland look to be plus bets today.

Giants -134 at 2 units

Iceland PK -119 at 2 units

Switzerland +201 at 1 unit

Mets to win the Series +115 at 2 units

Thursday June 21, 2018

It's the first day of Summer and that means only one thing, that we are about to get hot!  A nice +2 yesterday should have you geared up for a weekend full of golf, soccer, and baseball.  While our experts have no given us the go ahead on any bets for the Travelers Championship they have said that Rory, Jordan, Reed, and Berger are will all in the the top 10 at tournament end so look to use them in daily match ups.  With 2 afternoon games and an early World Cup match make sure to get your bets in early

Seattle +175 at 1 unit

Mets/Rockies under 11 -110 at 1 unit

Cubs Giants parlay at 2 units

France -178 at 2 units

Wednesday June 20th, 2018

After a bad couple days we finally had ourselves a winning night and today we look to keep the good times rolling with a pair of World Cup games that have perennial powers facing off against weak, but desperate teams.  The College World Series continues to produce winner after winner so make sure to head over to our preview so you don't miss out on the action.

Cardinals +101 at 1 unit

Portugal -154 at 2 units

Spain -385 at 1 unit

Tuesday June 19th, 2018

Some bad luck and some bad bets led to a disappointing start to the week, but our experts have assured me that the losing will end today! Seattle and Minnesota are primed to win as underdogs and a trio of World Cup games will get us back to our winning ways.

Seattle +155 at 1 unit

Minnestoa +165 at 1 unit

Colombia -139 at 1 unit

Russia +110 at 2 units

Poland +131 at 1 unit

Monday June 18th, 2018

A bad sunday left us -2 units for the week, we did have a near miss with Tommy Fleetwood finishing a solo second at 45-1 .  Make sure to get your bets in early today as we have some mid morning World Cup action that our experts are saying are absolute can't miss games.

England +105 1st half at 2 units

England game -234 at 1 unit

Belgium -171 1 st half at 2 units

Mets/Rockies under 9.5 -110 at 2 units

Cardinals -114 at 2 units

Today's Plays

Sunday July 15th, 2018

Plus 13.5 in the last 2 days our experts are hotter than a pistol and we all are riding high.  The Sunday before the All-Star break is always a tough day to bet as we are never sure which teams are already on vacation and which teams are still vying to win at all costs.  The real action today is on the Final of the World Cup where France is hoping to crush the Croatian's dream of becoming the first team from the Balkans to win lift the cup.    Novak Djokovic takes center stage at the All England club to try and win his4th Wimbledon and 13th Grand Slam.

Reds +135 at 2 units

France to Win -235 at 2 units

Dojokovic / Anderson over 5.5 total sets -105 at 2 units

Saturday July 14th, 2018

The evil spirits of Friday the 13th didn't seem to bother us here at Max Action Sports.  Plus 10 for the day, I'll repeat PLUS 10 for the day!!!  There are few games to like today so our expeerts have advised all to go small and enjoy yesterday's winings.

Arizona -105 at 1 u nit

Rays +127 at 1 unit

Kerber +150 at 1 unit

Friday July 13th, 2018

Happy Harvey Day! at plus 150 today is the day Harvey pays off!  There are a surprising number of locks today and our experts have filled our betting slips with winnerss.

Phillies -140 at 2 units

Reds +150 at 4 units

Cubs/Padres over 8 -120 at 2 units

Rays -110 at 2 units

Giants -160 at 2 units

Thursday July 12th , 2018

Congratulations to Croatia for beating the odds and making it to the finals of the World Cup for the first time in their history.  It will be a tough task to beat France and our experts will be working hard to make sure they'll be on it if it does in fact happen.Tonight we have a full slate of baseball with some of MLB's best pitchers going for nearly even money.  Normally that screams take the dogs, but today we are going to try and beat the odds makers and ride with the Yankees and Rays.

Mets/National under 7 -125 at 2 units

A's +170 at 1 unit

Yankees -120 at 3 units

Rays -120 at 3 units

Wednesday July 11th, 2018

Yesterday was the worst kind of day in gambling.  Close calls on a big dogs followed by disappointing efforts by favorites, just simply  painful.  Today we are aright back at it with a pair of baseball games sure to bring in the money and England in the World Cup looking to secrue it's spot in the final against once arch rival France.  Federer and Nadal take to the grass again at the all England Club and we are going to look to make some strides there.  

Mets/Phillies Under 7 -110 at 2 units

Baltimore +125 at 1 unit

England to Advance -170 at 2 units

Federer -6 at 2 units

Nadal -5 at 2 units

Tuesday July 10th, 2018

A winning day yesterday gets us off to the right kind of start to the week.  The World Cup returns to action today with France and Belgium meeting in the first semi-final.  Both teams are tough and battle tested and it should prove to be a hell of a match.  

Minnesota -178 at 1 unit

A's +185 at 1 unit

Cardinals -165 at 1 unit

Belgium to advance Pk EV at 2 units

Monday July 9th, 2018

Solidly in the dark days of summer our experts are working hard to bring you the little action that is available.  Tonight they have a trio of baseball games to keep you from watching Very Cavallari with the wife.

Mets/Phillies game 1 under 7.5 +105 at 2 units

Boston/Rangers Over 9.5 -120 at 1 unit

Giants -108 at 1 unit

Sunday July 8th, 2018

A bit of an up and downer yesterday leaves us plus 5 units for the week.  Today is a weak day sports-wise so our experts have done their best to isolate the two best opportunities to make some cash.

Atlanta +114 at 1 unit

Giants -140 at 1 unit

Saturday July 7th, 2018

A monster day yesterday gives us a chance to spread our wings today with some trends that have the potential to payoff big time.  Matt Harvey has sneakily been one of the majors most consistent pitchers since being traded to the Reds, he gets plus odds again today against a hot Cub team.  The Yankees have been boom or bust lately but with Severino on the mound they are nearly unbeatable and at only -195 they are a must take.  In World Cup action our experts LOVE Russia to advance against an overrated and under-talented Croatian team and even though England will most likely win Sweden is the play getting +405 odds to win in regulation. 

 Wimbledon is also in play for those feeling adventurous, 2-0 yesterday so today our experts have given 3 locks to pad your bank roll.  And as always head over to our preview section for Today's picks at Belmont Park where their are 5 graded stakes races!

Reds +132 at 2 units

Phillies +112 at 1 unit

Yankees -195 at 2 units

A's +217 at 1 unit

Rays/Mets under 7 -110 at 1 unit

Sweden +405 at 1 unit

Russia to advance +160 at 2 units

Djokovic -5.5 -119 at 2 units

Kyrgios -4 -121 at 1 unit

Fognini -3.5 -121 at 1 unit

Friday July 6th, 2018

The World Cup is back in action after a 2 day shut down and France and Belgium look to continue their march to the Final.  Our experts have included a pair of Wimbledon bets that they are saying are absolute locks, so be brave and bet tennis!

Federer -8 -112 at 2 units

Querrey -3.5 -121 at 2 units

Belgium to advance +150 at 2 units

France -110 at 1 unit

Phillies _120 at 1 unit

Atlanta +120 at 1 unit

A's +175 at 1 unit

Thursday July 5th, 2018

A banner day yesterday brings us to even for the week.  Not much going on today except for a solo baseball game where we look to play the against a struggling National team .  The Marlins aren't going to win 90 games this season but they win today and that's how we make our money here.

Miami +157 at 2 units

Wednesday July 4th, 2018

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends and happy Wednesday to the rest of you.  Solidly in the dog days of summer and in the worst betting days of the year we continue to bring you action from all over the world.  A trio of baseball games this early afternoon will give you something to cheer about during the bbq.  Look for the Giant to recover and Boston to put a ton of runs on the board against a quickly sinking National team.

Giants +104 at 1 unit

Boston -127 at 2 units

Angels -105 at 1 unit

Tuesday July 3rd,, 2018

Technical issues had us shut down yesterday but with a thin slate of games our experts were grasping for plays anyways.  Today we have a red hot Atlanta team getting plus odds even thought he's a lefty going against a monster right hand hitting lineup and a pair of World Cup match ups that offer some value.

Arizona -145 at 1 unit

Atlanta +170 at 1 unit

Angels/Seattle over 8.5 at 2 units

Sweden (to advance) PK EV at 2 units

England/Colombia over 2 -105 at 2 units

Sunday July 1st, 2018

Our experts have been on fire this week producing winners left and right.  They are plus 8.5 units for the week and we are rolling in dough.  Today we have a pair of favorites in the World Cup and are getting plus odds on three of the majors hottest teams.

Reds +114 at 2 units

Angels +104 at 2 units

Rays +117 at 1 unit

Astros/Rays uner 7 -117 at 1/2 unit

Croatia -119 at 3 units

Spain -170 at 1 unit

Saturday June 30, 2018

Thankfully the World Cup is back so we are not beholden to the swings and randomness of a baseball game.  It may be America's national pastime, but it does not make solid betting play.  France should dispatch Argentina without to much trouble, but make sure to bet the to advance line that includes extra time and penalty kicks so you don't get burned with a draw.

Angels -149 at 2 units

France to Advance -119 at 2 units

Friday June 29, 2018

Lately we have been running into some bad bullpens and that is the reason baseball betting is such a tiresome affair.  Unfortunately for us baseball is all we have today before the World Cup gets going tommorrow with its' knockout stage.   Tonight offers us the rare chance to get plus odds a few of baseball's top teams so for better or worse we are taking them.

Giants +130 at 1 unit

A's +156 at 2 units

Boston +105 at 2 units

Astros/Seattle Parlay at 2 unit

Thursday June 28, 2018

Today marks the final day of group play at the World Cup.  We completely stunned by Germany's non performance this year and today  there is not really much to like.  Our experts say a flyer on Senegal is warranted but at extremely low levels.  Baseball continues to move along and we look to continue to ride the hot teams that produce consistent results.

Arizona -157 at 1 unit

Giants -101 at 1 unit

Twins/White Sox over 9.5 -105 at 1 unit

Senegal +393 at 1/2 unit

Wednesday June 27, 2018

+3 units last night and +5 units for the week we are officially back!  Our experts have been working overtime and it shows in the quality of their picks.  We have a bit of a west coast theme today for baseball and as the 1st round of the World Cup winds down so to do our picks.  Both Germany and Sweden are fighting for their lives so our experts have said to sit back and watch and wait for better spots to bet.

Giants -162 at 2 units

Angels +131 at 1 unit

Switzerland -158 at 1 unit

Seattle -117 at 1 unit

Tuesday June 26, 2018

Iran killed what would have been a hot start to the week, but fear not we have a full slate of games today to get back to even and beyond.  The suddenly surging Reds look to continue their hot stretch since a dismall start the season.  Arrieta and the Phillies are poised to take down the now struggling Yanks.  Croatia and Iceland battle in what could be the tournaments most interesting match and France faces it's toughest test in Denmark who i slooking to advance to the round of 16.

Reds +135 at 1 unit

Seattle -147 at 2 units

Phillies +181 at 1 unit

France +101 at 1 unit

Croatia/Iceland over 2 1/4 -116 at 2 units

Monday June 25, 2018

A strong Sunday helped get us back in good standing for the week and we here appreciate you sticking with us.  Todday we have Portugal in a must win or tie situation, Uruguay looking to upend the hot Russians and a pair of MLB games to sink our teeth into.

Arizona -118 at 1 unit

Seattle -137 at 1 unit

Uruguay PK -115 at 1 unit

Portugal -150 at 2 units

Today's Plays

Sunday July 29th, 2018

A full sltae of baseball today gives us a chance to end the week on a high note.  Already plus 13 units we look to make it 19 by the days end.  If you're into Horses head over to our Haskell Betting guide for picks and a money back guarantee too good to miss!

Dodgers -146 at 1 unit

Arizona -124 at 2 units

Seattle +10-3 at 2 units

A's +116 at 1 unit

Saturday July 28th, 2018

Harvey takes to the mound looking to rebound after his dreadful start last week and we look to stay hot as a pistol.

Reds +109 at 2 units

Mets -145 at 2 units

Arizona -165 at 1 unit

Giants -114 at 2 units

Friday July 27th, 2018

Two one run games went the wrong way last night to stop our winning ways.  Tonight our experts have 3 strong favorites.  The Pirates look to batter a horrible Jason Vargas at home while the Dodgers and Giants send their aces to the hill at fairly decent odds.

Pirates -165 at 2 units

Dodgers -160 at 1 unit

Giants -140 at 2 units

Thursday July 26th, 2018

Up another 5 units from last night as our experts continue to bring you winners.

Arizona -110 at 1 unit

Boston -150 at 2 units

Wednesday July 25th, 2018

Plus 4 last night brings our total to +10.5 for the week and it is only Wedneday!  When we are hot we are hot and right now we're hotter than a pistol so time to jump on board and ride the wave to #pilesofcash.  The Rays look to do what they do best, beat the Yanks at plus odds, Boston is no way going to lose a series to the Oriles and the A's should continue to pound the balls against the less than steller pitching of the Rangers.

Phillies +116 at 1 unit

Rays +138 at 2 units

Boston -184 at 2 unit

A's -124 at 2 units

Tuesday July 24th, 2018

Back to our winning ways yesterday with an incredible plus 6.5 units.  Our experts are getting hot and today there were so many games that we had to limit the picks to just the best bets.  We continue to ride the Red Sox and Pirates as both teams continue to win.    Look for the Giants to send a message to Seattle who starts Paxton on his first day back from the DL.

Boston -174 at 1 unit

A's -111 at 1 unit

Pirates +151 at 1 unit

Giants +170 at 2 units

Monday July 23rd, 2018

Sunday? We don't talk about Sunday.  It's the start of a fresh week and hopefully our luck changes and the close ones start to go our way.  The best team in baseball takes on one of the worst today so we are looking to capitalize on the Red Sox terrific season.

Red Sox -169 at 2 units

Pirates +220 at 2 units

Sunday July 22nd, 2018

A couple of tough luck losses killed the bankroll yesterday so our experts worked late into the night to bring you 5 games that are all take to the bank locks.  Harvey is back to his best and the oddsmakers are starting to figure out what we knew weeks ago.  This might be the last chance to get him and Reds at close to even so don't miss out.

Reds -122 at 3 units

Phillies -179 at 1 unit

Cardinals +1267 at 2 units

Rockies/D-Backs over 7.5  at 1 unit

Mets +155 at 1 unit

Saturday July 21st, 2018

Back for a full slate of MB games today we are looking to expand on our hot start for this short week.  

Atlanta +125 at 1 unit

Astros -171 at 1 unit

Mets +196 at 2 units

Giants +115 at 2 units

Friday July 20th, 2018

The long wait is over and finally professinoal sports have returned to American soil.  While we didn't hit on the Home Run Derby or All Star game we did get to see MLB for it's' true colors and it wasn't pretty.  

Today we have Syndergaard and the Mets looking to start the 2nd half off right.  The Reds look to stay hot and Phillies trying to dominate there own inter-state rivalry.

Reds -108 at 1 unit

Mets +147 at 1 unit

Phillies -161 at 1 unit

Today's Plays

Sunday August 12th, 2018

Plus 7 for the week and looking for more.  Boston continues to win every night and tody will be no different with the AL Cy Young Favortie Chris Sale going against the hapless Orioles.  

Phillies -114 at 1 unit

Boston/Cleveland parlay at 2 unit

Friday August 10th, 2018

We took it on the chin last night in baseball but hopefully you went over to our PGA Championship Preview and loaded up on Rickie for the w n.  Tonight we have a trio of games to get back to our winning ways and reach that plus 10 milestone for the 3rd straight week.

Mets -124 at 1 unit

Atlanta -103 at 1 unit

Boston/ Yankee Parlay at 2 units

Thursday August 9th, 2018

Atlanta +119 at 2 units

Boston -165 at 1 unit

August 8th, 2018

Technical issues forced us to post the picks on twitter but we still went an amazing  6-0 plus 9.5 units!!! We are hot as a pistol and now is the time to build that bank roll.

Pirates EV at 1 unit

Seattle -155 at 1 unit

White Sox +225 a1 unit

Yankees/White Sox over 8.5 -120 at 2 units

Monday August 6th, 2018

We finished last week up 10 units which brings our two week total to over 22 units on the right side.  Today we have a trio of games to fill the void in your night.  Seattle looks to remain the  in the wild card race and we look to capitalize on the Yankees struggles with a Wrare White Sox play.

Phillies +115 at 1 unit

Seattle -117 at 2 units

White Sox +180 at 2 units

Saturday August 4th, 2018

Check out our Money Back special on the Whitney day and full betting guide.  As for MLB we are up 11 units on th week and looking to hit more today.  Boston is the gift that keeps giving so we are riding them till they lose.  

Boston -157 at 1 unit

Giants +127 at 1 unit

Houston +116 at 1 unit

Friday August 3rd, 2018

The plus days keep coming and we are up a staggering 22 units since last week!  Today we have the hot Red Sox and Struggleing Severino doing battle in Fenway.

Boston +123 at 4 units

Boston/Yankees over 9 -110 at 1 unit

Thursday August 2nd, 2018

Atlanta -175 at 1 unit

Giants +150 at 1 unit

Yankees -102 at 1 unit

Wednesday August 1st, 2018

2 for 2 last night brings us up 5 unis for the week so we are free to take a chance on a big favorite tonight.  Cleveland looks to continue their march to the post season and we look to continue our winning ways.

Cleveland -180 at 3 units

Cubs/Pirates Under 8 -110 at 1 unit

Tuesday July 31st, 2018

With each day Football gets closer to returning and honestly it can't come soon enough.  Tonight we continue to ride the hot team in baseball, hoping that the Rockies and Brewers take advantage of some plus odds.

Rockies +103 at 2 units

Milwaukee +158 at 2 units

Monday July 30th, 2018

Well we finished last week up 14.5 units and our bank accounts are smiling.  Today we have Milwaukee who is as hot as anybody in baseball and The Astros who are looking to regain their mid season form without one of thier most important players.

Milwaikee +141 at 2 units

Astros -121 at 2 units

Today's Play

Sunday August 26th, 2018

Still hiding out at even for the week so today we'll look to make a move a get some money rolling in for the start of football season.  Hopefully everyone was on Hawaii last night and should be again today in the LIttle League World Series .

Mets -118 at 2 units

Priates +120 at 2 units

Reds +230 at 1 unit

Orioles +205 at 2 units

Saturday August 25th, 2018

Today is all about the Travers up at Saratoga so make sure to head over to our preview and take advantage of our money back guarantee!  We are also going for a weird a potentially huge parlay by picking against 2 of the leagues best pitchers.  Be brave and root for chaos, Lets Go!

Mets -105 at 1 unit

Pirates EV at 1 unit

Royals/Padres parlay at 2 units

Friday August 24th, 2018

standing at near even for the week tonight we have a full slate of games to sink our teeth into.  

Jets -3 -110 at 1 unit

Milwaukee -136 at 2 units

Cardinals -124 at 1 unit

Phillies -130 at 1 unit

Giants -165 at 2 units

Thursday August 23rd, 2018

Always a good night when you hit a parlay and last night was no different.    Tonight we have a couple hot pitchers and the suddenly hot White Sox who look to make it a banner week for the south sider.

Atlanta -165 at 2 units

Mets -160 at 2 units

White Sox +102  at 2 units

Wednesday August 22nd, 2018

Cubs/Arizona Parlay at 2 units

Monday August 20th, 2018

Pirates -125 at 1 unit

Ravens -1.5 at 1 unit

Sunday August 19th, 2018

The slate yesterday was terrible so we took the day off and focused on the horses.  Today we have a trio of underdogs that should pay off big.  At plus 10 for the week our experts are going for big money before football season shows up in less than 2 weeks.

Cubs +114 at 2 units

Blue Jays +195 at 1 unit

A's +140 at 2 units

Friday August 17th, 2018

After one bad night we got right again quick, +6 for the night and +10 overall this week.  Tonight we have 4 national locks that are so good they are making us nervous.

Mets +150 at 2 units

Chicago Cubs -138 at 2 units

Atlanta -130 at 1 unit

Arizona -129 at 2 units

Thursday August 16th, 2018

We were due for a bad night and last night was it.  0 for 3 down 5.5 units, but the good news is we are still plus 4 for the week and tonight there are 2 games that our experts absolutely love!

Arizona -128 at 3 units

Rays +155 at 2 units

Wednesday August 15th, 2018

2 for 2 last night brings us up to plus 9.5 units for the week and it's only Wednesday!  Make sure to get your bets in early for the Brewers today as they are at the Cubs playing at 2:20 eastern time.

Milwaukee +120 at 2 units

Pirates +103 at 2 units

Boston -130 at 1 unit

Tuesday August 14th, 2018

3 for 3 last night and already up 7.5 units on the week.  When you're hot you're hot and we are hot as a pistol going back almost a month now.  Football season is right around the corner and we are building that bankroll getting ready for the re-launch of your favorite site.  Look for the the all new coming August 27th!

Boston -138 at 1 unit

Angels -109 at 1 unit

Monday August 13th, 2018

Plus 8 last week and a ridiculous +28 over the last three weeks.  Today we have to capitalize on 2 of the majors best pitchers at plus prices.

Mets +150 at 2 units

Giants +170 at 2 units

Cardinals -137 at 1 unit


This Week's Plays

Last Week Final

Even for the week, minus vigs

NFL Sunday

For the first time in a long while we lost money yesterday.  Every loss hurts and we here at Max Action pride ourselves on delivering quality picks at a fair price.  

Today is a terrible slate of games.  There are bad match ups everywhere and the lines are right where the should be.  Our experts dove deep into their resources to bring isolate the best games for you to make money on.  

As always our free picks are below, but for our GUARANTEED PICKS  Venmo $20 to @MaxactionSports and if we don't return a profit you get every penny of your money back, no games, no questions, just results.

Colts -3 at 2 units - PUSH

Jets -7.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Washington +3.5 at 2 units - WIN

Bears/Lions UNDER 44.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

College Saturday

The college football slate is devoid of too many impact games as far as rankings are concerned, but don't let that fool you into thinking there isn't money to be made.  Plus another 3 units last night brings our hot streak up to an amazing +26!!! and it sure as hell anit stopping today.

As always for our MONEY BACK GUARANTEED picks simply Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports

Michigan 1st half -22.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Georgia Tech -3 at 2 units - WIN

Kansas State -10.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Texas/Texas Tech OVER 63 at 2 units - WIN

Friday Night Action

Thanks to another winning night on Thursday we are giving away tonight's action.  We are on one of those runs that pay for the whole year so make sure to spread the news and get on board the money train.

Syracuse -21.5 at 2 units - WIN

Boise St +2 at 2 units - WIN

St John's -19.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Thursday Night Football

Week 9 produced another positive week bringing our 3 week total to a ridiculous +23 units!!!  Tonight our experts have 2 games on tap that they have declared LOCKS OF THE CENTURY.  Normally our business partners would force us to raise our rates due to how confident we are in these picks, but we're not doing that today.  Today is for you, the loyal Max Action follower.  So as always simply Venmo $20 to @maxactionsports and you'll receive our MONEY BACK GUARANTEED picks for tonight's games

Carolina vs Pittsburgh -3.5

Pittsburgh -3.5 at 4 units - WIN

Wake vs NC State -17.5

NC State -17.5 at 3 units - LOSS



Today's Plays

Total for week November 12th - 18th

-1 unit

8-8-1 record for the week

NFL Sunday

Back to back positive days brings us to minus 4 units for the week.  There are 4 lines today that are simply too good to be true.  In true Max Action fashion we are taking the bait and hammering those games.  

The Steelers travel to a truly terrible Jacksonville team.  Pittsburgh is one of the hottest teams in the league and the duo of Brown and Roethlisberger  is firing on all cylinders.  Conversely Jacksonville has lost 5 in row and has shown no signs of life.  The Saints welcome the Eagles to New Orleans while they try win their 10th in a row.  The Eagles gave away their last hope at the playoffs last week in a loss to the Cowboys and now are playing for nothing more than pride.  Our experts expect the Saints to roll easy.

On  a personal note, one of our most trusted handicappers and advisers Chaddy Vegas is over in Italy this week where he asked his beautiful girlfriend of 5 years to be his wife.  Here in the office we booked it 7-5 that she'd say yes, so it was another WIN for us, and of course them.  Congratulations to both of them and we wish them all the best in the years ahead.    

Saints -7.5 at 3 units - WIN

Steelers -4.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Colts -1.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Bears -2.5 at 2 units - WIN

College Football Saturday

We enter the day down 5 units for the week, but fear not, our experts have 7 games, 5 of which being LOCKS OF THE WEEK  to get you Piles of Cash!  As November marches on we have a cupcake week in the Big Ten and SEC.  The Best game of the day will be played in a baseball stadium with the Irish taking on a game Syracuse team.   Miami travels to Blacksburg in a battle of disappointing and under perfoming teams.  West Virginia is the only tema that really faces a tough test.  They take on a Cowboy team that is fighting for bowl eligibility after a heart breaking loss to hated rival Oklahoma.

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Northwestern +3 at 2 units - WIN

Ohio State -14 at 2 units - LOSS

Utah -7 at 3 units - WIN

Syracuse +10.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

West Virginia/Oklahoma State OVER 74.5 at 2 units - WIN

Oklahoma -34.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Virginia Tech +6.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Saturday Totals: 3-4 Plus 1 unit

Friday, November 16th, 2018

A couple of tough outcomes last night kept us from righting the ship.  Tonight is a light slate without much intrigue so we are keeping it small.

Boise St -20.5 at 2 units - WIN

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

We took the bait last night with to the two favorites and we got killed.  -6 on the day is no way to start the week, but here we are.  Thankfully Thursday Night Football gives us a good match up tonight as the Packers travel to Seattle.  Throw in a couple Conference USA games and this Thursday night is shaping up quite nicely.

Packers +3 at 2 units - PUSH

North Texas  -3.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Toledo -13 at 1 unit - WIN

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Before we get to today's picks lets all sit back and say a hardy thank you to the MAC for brightening up these gloomy November mid-weeks.  Tonight we have a hungry and red hot Buffalo team on the road against Ohio.  The Bulls are 5-0 in their last 5 and have scored 31 or more in each of their road games this season.

Northern Illinois is undefeated in the MAC having won 6 in a row.  NIU thrashed Toledo last week and they have a habit of dominating their mid-week opponents.  

Buffalo +2.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Northern Illinois -6.5 at 2 units - LOSS


Today's Plays

Weekly Stats for week ending 11-25-18

 - 4 units

8 wins-12 losses-1 push

NFL Sunday

On this Thanksgiving weekend we have to stop and give thanks to the Boise State Broncos for saving our stack yesterday.   -4 on the day brings us to -3 for the week.  There is a short slate of games due to the three played on Thursday, but there is no shortage of locks. 

 The red hot Colts host Miami and their carousel of quarterbacks.  Tannehill returns off a long shoulder injury and now expects to match points with Luck, no chance, Indy by hundred. 

The Pats travel to the Meadowlands and take on the ageless Josh McCown and the crumbling Jets.  12 is a lot of points, but in all reality the Pats could cover even if they only score 14, because the Jets won't even sniff the red zone.

Seattle and the Steelers both look win on the road in a pair of 3 point games.

Colts - 9.5 at 4 units - LOSS

New England -12 at 3 units - WIN

Seattle +3 at 2 units - WIN

Pittsburgh -3 at 2 units - LOSS

Saturday November 24th, 2018

Welcome to Rivalry Saturday!  A good day yesterday bring us to +1 for the week and we are off and running into the whats typically the best week to bet underdogs.  

Today you can throw records, stats, and trends to the side and just trust your gut.  Because we fell short of our +5 goal yesterday ALL PICKS ARE FREE TODAY!

Pittsburgh +4.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Northwestern -16.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Boise St -2.5 at 4 units - WIN

Iowa St -12.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Auburn +24.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Friday November 23rd, 2018

Welcome to the real Black Friday!  Today we have a full slate of games guaranteed to get you back into the black.  We start today -3 for the week, but by the end of today we guarantee we'll be +5!  No tricks, no scams, no losers!

Continuing our hot streak on the Money Back Guarantees we hit the Turkey Day Parlay yesterday! 

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Ohio -24 at 2 units - LOSS

Buffalo -15 at 5 units -WIN

Kansas +15 at 2 units - WIN

West Virginia +3 at 2 units - PUSH

NCAA Basketball

UNLV -11 at 1 unit - LOSS

Thursday November 22nd, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.  The slate today is about as appetizing as the food on the table. So make sure to get your picks in early and spend some time with the ones you love most.  

The Bears will be starting Chase Daniel against a tough Lion team that always plays tough on Thanksgiving.  Washington and home town hero Colt McCoy come into Dallas off a tough loss to the hands of the red hot Texans, and the Saints look to continue their dominance at home against a surprisingly bad Falcon team.

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Lions +3 at 2 units - LOSS

Washington +7 at 3 units - LOSS

Saints -12 at 4 units - WIN

Wednesday November 21st, 2018

A bounce back night of +4 units brings us to a total of -2 for the week.  Tonight football is off and the NCAA basketball slate is a thin as it gets, so go out and enjoy the night before Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow we'll be on all 3 NFL games.  As always our MONEY BACK GUARANTEED  Turkey Day Parlay is available by Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports

Tuesday November 20th, 2018

Just a disastrous start to the week.  -6 from that Monday Night debacle.  A lot of people are claiming it was "the greatest game" except there was absolutely no defense played at all.  Todd Gurley was in and out of the game all night, which certainly curtailed any ability the Rams had to slow the game down.  

But there's not sense crying about it, we have to move on and thankfully the MAC provides us with just that.  Miami has been red hot as an underdog this season, but tonight gives 17 to Ball St.  Northern Illinois looks to get back on track and secure their spot in the MAC Championship game.  Also for the first time this season NCAA basketball makes its' way into our daily plays.  The Runnin Rebs of UNLV take on Pacific in a late night battle.

Miami/Ball St OVER 54 at 3 units - WIN

Northern Illinois -5.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

UNLV -4 at 2 units - WIN

Monday November 19th, 2018

Coming off an even week last week we are looking to hit the ground running.  The NFL finally has a great Monday Night game and we are more confident than ever.  The Chiefs bring their high powered offense into LA to take on a Rams defense that has struggled lately.  But the Rams offense led by Todd Gurley can match points with anyone.  We expect the Sean McVay to take a page out of the Browns book and slow KC down just enough to spoil the over and give the Rams to win a close win. 

Rams - 3.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Rams/Chiefs UNDER 63 at 4 units - LOSS

Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

-8 units


NFL Sunday

Boise State absolutely ruined a perfect day for us last night.  They couldn't cash in late in the 3rd and then they never recovered.  Even with that loss we are still +2 for the week.  Our pay picks are even better as our premium members know all about.

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The Colts travel to Jacksonville to take on the free falling Jags.  The line stinks to high heaven and Vegas is begging everyone to take the Colts, luckily for us we don't get scared of trap lines.  Indianapolis is riding high and scoring at an alarming rate.  The Jags don't stand a chance.

Chicago is starting Chase Daniel for the second game in a row this time against the disappointing Giants.  The Giants have no offensive line and the Bears have an absolute ferocious pass rush.  That will be the difference in the game, expect the Bears to win by a touchdown in a low scoring affair.

There are only two factors that matter at all in this game. Pittsburgh wins all their games at home and the Chargers only play well when no one cares.  Pittsburgh by a million.

Colts -4 at 4 units - LOSS

Steelers -3 at 2 units - LOSS

Bears -4 at 4 units - LOSS


NCAA Championship Saturday

For picks on the B1G Ten, SEC, ACC, and BIG 12 Championship game Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports and you'll recieve our Money Back Guaranteed Championship Package.  If our picks don't return a profit you get a refund.  It is that simple, that easy, no tricks, no games, no scams, JUST WINNERS and CASH!

If not for an outright collaspe by Buffalo we would be flying high today, but even with the Bulls laying an egg in the second half we still enter the last College football Saturday at +3 units for the week.  

Boise State is a our lock of the week, hell maybe even of the year.  The Broncos enter the Mountain West Championship game on 7 game win streak.  They beat Fresno St three weeks ago by a Touchdown and have only gotten better since then, plus they are 4-2 ATS at home and you better believe the Boise faithful will make it a hard atmosphere to play in tonight.  Boise by a million.

Memphis and UCF score points.  Yes Milton is hurt and yes UCF will be limited on offense, but no they won't be held under 30 for the first time in 24 games.  And of course they won't stop Memphis, they don't stop anyone.

Virginia Tech enters this hurricane Florence make up game at 5-6.  They are playing for bowl eligibility which for college players is like playing for the Super Bowl.    Marshall may be 8-3, but they are 2-3 ATS on the road and have quite literally nothing to play for.

Memphis/UCF OVER 64.5 at 2 units - WIN

Virginia Tech -3.5 at 2 units - WIN

Boise State PK at 5 units - LOSS

Friday November 30th, 2018

Dallas dominated last night and Alabama took care of business.  Our weekly total is a healthy +5 units as we head into Championship Weekend.  

The MAC plays its Championship game tonight where Buffalo looks to topple Northern Illinois and gain supremacy once and for all.  The Bulls are 9-3 ATS and haven't scored under 40 points since before Halloween.  While the Huskies are 6-6 and have been in close games all year.  This can either mean Buffalo is going to blow the doors off this game or Northern Illinois is battle hardened and ready to play a close game.  Our money is on the Bulls and yours should be too.

The PAC 12 Championship features Utah vs. Washington, but the real championship was played last Friday in the Apple Cup.  Washington proved the size matters when they dominated Washington State on both sides of the ball.  Utah is a well coach tough team, but Washington has too much talent and will pull away late.  

Buffalo -3.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Washington -5.5 at 2 units - WIN

Thursday November 29th, 2018

We took the night off last night as the only games worth watching were being played between the Big Ten and ACC in their annual challenge.  As far as our handicappers are concerned it is still far too early to bet NCAA Basketball with any regularity.  

The NFL saves us tonight with what should be a great game between two division leaders.  The Saints have won 10 straight and are 9-2 against the spread.  They are an even more impressive 5-0 ATS on the road.  Dallas is 3-2 ATS at home, but has been playing much better since the addition of Amari Cooper.  Expect a lower scoring game than the Saints have been playing due to Dallas' ball control offense.  The Saints will win, but not cover.

Dallas +7.5 at 2 units - WIN

Albany -1 at 2 units (2PM start) - LOSS

Alabma +7 at 1 unit - WIN

Tuesday November 27th, 2018

What a wonderful start to the week.  Houston took care of business and we are +5 units already!  Sadly the college football season is winding down and we can see the dark days ahead.  

Tonight we have a pair of NBA underdogs featuring the surprisingly hot Knicks and finally coming together Lakers.

Knicks +7 at 1 unit - PUSH

Lakers +4 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monday November 26th, 2018

We struggled through a down week last week no question about that.  Tonight the  Texans take on the Titans in a pivotal AFC South match up.  Watson and the Texans come in having won 7 straight and own a home record of 3-1.  The Titans are 2-5 on the road and got blown out of the building last week against a pass happy Colt team.  Expect Bill O'Brien to use the same game plan and make the Titans match points.

Houston -6.5 at 2 units - WIN

Houston/Tennessee OVER 41.5 at 3 units  - WIN

Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

-9 units

8 Wins 12 Losses

NFL Sunday December 9th, 2018

For our MONEY BACK GUARANTEED picks Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports, if we don't turn a profit you pay nothing!

After just a disaster of a Saturday we return with a full slate of games in the NFL today.   The Colts and Texans are two of the hottest teams in the NFL.  They meet in Texas today to do battle in what could be a playoff preview if the Colts manage to pull this one out.  

The Ravens travel to Kansas City, normally the budding quarterback contraversy would scare us away from this game, but because Jackson and Flacco are so different our experts believe that Harbaugh will use this to confuse a Chiefs defense that has struggled against dynamic offenses this season.

Denver and Case Keenum have shown over the last 2 weeks that they can play with anyone.  Today they play the 49ers who are slogging their way through another season.  Denver has their sights set on the playoffs so expect and easy win by a motivated Bronco team.

Ravens +6.5 at 2 units - WIN

Colts/Texans OVER 49.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Denver -3 at 2 units - LOSS

Iona -3 at 2 units - LOSS

St. Johns -12.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Army Navy Day, December 8th, 2018

Army has played Navy 119 times over the last 128 years since the games teams first meeting back in 1890.  This game is truly one of the great sporting events in America and today on a picture perfect early winter day the Black Knights of the Hudson look to win their third straight against the Midshipmen of Navy.

When these two rivals match up you can through out the stats and records and just believe in what your eyes tell you.  Army is 9-2 with losses only to Duke and CPF bound Oklahoma in overtime.  The Black Knights are 4-1 ATS on the road, yes today is a neutral field, but Army has shown ability to travel well all season.  Navy played better the final few weeks of the year and was 3-0 ATS against UCF, Tulsa, and Tulane.  

Our experts are expecting a tough fought, low scoring game with Army emerging as a 10 point winner.  24- 14 Go Army, Beat Navy.

In a lesser rivalry the Brooklyn Nets travel to Midtown Manhattan to do battle with the Knicks.  Both teams are going through the growing pains they expected to go through.  

Army -7.5 at 4 units -LOSS

Knicks -2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Thursday December 6th, 2018

We are even for the week entering Thursday Night Football.   The Titans take on the Jags in a game that has surprising wild card importance.  The Titans rallied against the lifeless Jets last week to win and keep their playoff hopes alive.  While the Jags defense finally showed up for the first time since destroying the Pats back in week 2.

We also have a pair of NBA underdogs that have been playing better basketball of a late.  The Knicks should be competitive in Boston and the Suns are young talented team that just has to learn to win.  Expect neither to win, but take the points and take the money.

Titans -5 at 2 units - WIN

Knicks +13 at 1 unit - LOSS

Suns +14 at 1 unit - LOSS

Wednesday December 5th, 2018

College basketball is gearing up and thankfully we have a few games of interest tonight.  Nova looks to improve on its slow start and Xavier battles an over matched Ohio team that will struggle this season in the MAC.  The Bonnie's take on an improving Siena team, but one that is also not ready to win on the road against a better opponent.  

76ers +6 at 1 unit - LOSS

Xavier -11.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Villanova -10 at 1 unit - WIN

St Bonaventure -5.5 at 2 units - WIN

Tuesday December 4th, 2018

And we have entered the dark days of the year.  No longer can we count on MACtion to fill our mid week nights with gambling delight.  The days of football every night of the week are sadly gone for a few weeks before Bowl Season arrives and saves us from this misery.

Tonight we have a decent slate of NCAA Basketball.  Providence takes on Boston College in a rivalry of sorts.  The Fryers look to gain a big win that could booster their tournament resume when March rolls around.  Oklahoma and Notre Dame match up in what both are hoping is a National Championship preview on the hardwood instead of the field.  And Kansas takes on a talented Wofford team.

Providence +3.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Oklahoma -3 at 1 unit - WIN

Wofford +16 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monday December 3rd, 2018

There are bad Sundays and then there's what happened yesterday.  Thankfully we get to turn the page and start anew.  Washington travels to Philadelphia tonight in a near playoff battle.  Both teams can't afford two more losses if they want to contend for the playoffs and tonight represents their last chances at a division title.

Washington +6 at 1 unit - LOSS

Washington/Philadelphia OVER 45 at 2 units - LOSS

Knicks +1.5 at 1 unit - LOSS


Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

+11 Units

8-4 record

NFL Sunday

Coming off a huge start to the Bowl Season we are looking to make this week a true monster.  We are +13 units so far and we're not stopping now.

Miami is getting 7.5 on the road to a reeling Viking team.  Chicago is giving less than a TD at home to Aaron Rodgers and the Pats are a slight favorite on the road to Pittsburgh whom they have dominated over the years.  Yes sir, it seems like the gambling Gods are smiling upon us.

Miami +7.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Tampa Bay +9 at 1 unit - WIN

Chicago -6 at 3 units -WIN

Patriots -2.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Saturday December 15th, 2018

Welcome to Bowl Season!  Make sure to check out our full Bowl Preview and betting analysis for all 39 games and to Venmo $50 to @MaxActionSports for our TOP TEN Picks which is back by our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  7 wins in 10 games or you pay nothing.

Texans -7 at 1 unit - LOSS

Utah St -7 at 4 units - WIN

Eastern Michigan +3 at 3 units - WIN

App St -7 at 3 units - WIN

Friday December 14th, 2018

We here at Max Action can't control the horrible slate of games tonight, but we will still apologize for there being nothing to watch.  That being said, the Nets are a slight home favorite tonight.  Spencer Dinwiddie just got an extension so expect him to really pour it on the struggling Wizards.

Nets -1.5 at 1 unit - WIN


Thursday December 13th, 2018

The Chargers travel to Kansas City tonight to make their last charge to take the AFC West.  Kansas City has looked ordinary the past few weeks and seems to be ripe for the picking.  The Chargers finished last season 7-1 after a horrific start and have compiled a 10-3 record in 2018.  They are without a doubt one of the best team in the NFL.

Chargers/Chiefs OVER 53.5 at 2 units - WIN

Tuesday December 11th, 2018

Zero Games on the slate today, enjoy the Buster Douglas 30 for 30 Tonight on ESPN

Monday December 10th, 2018

Monday Night Football has a good game tonight.  The Vikings who are in the mix for a Wild Card birth travel to Seattle to take on the also Wild Card hungry Seahawks.  Russell Wilson is playing some of his best football in the last few weeks and his defense while not quite the Legion of Boom anymore is playing good enough to win.  Minnesota has looked plain bad at times this year and hasn't beaten a quality team yet.  This is too tough a task to ask of a team still trying to find its' identity.  Seahawks win and cover.

Seattle -3 at 2 units - WIN

Manhattan +8 at 1 unit - LOSS

Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

-4 units

8-9-1 record

NFL Sunday December 23rd, 2018

We got killed last night by Hawaii's star receiver deciding last minute to sit out.  Tough break for a tough team and what is usually a fun game to watch late.  Today is the last real week of the NFL season, teams are playing for the playoffs, their jobs, and of course pride.  Look for the teams that need to win to win, but don't discount the motivation of a bad home dog looking to ruin someones season.

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Dallas -7 at 2 units - PUSH

Miami -3.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Colts -10 at 1 unit - LOSS

Saints -6.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Saturday December 22nd, 2018

Another huge day yesterday brings us to +7 units on the week!  Today we have a full slae of Bowl gamea nd some saturday NFL action too.

Army -6.5 at 2 units - WIN

Troy +1 at 1 unit - WIN

Hawaii +1.5 at 5 units - LOSS

Chargers -4 at 2 units - LOSS

Friday December 21st, 2018

Happy Winter Solstice everybody.  Today is the shortest day of the year, but it's not short on winners.  FIU takes on a Toledo team that hasn't been right all year.  BYU is playing a virtual home game against Western Michigan who routinely gave up 40+ points this season.

FIU +7 at 4 units -WIN

BYU -12.5 at 2 units - WIN

Thursday December 20th, 2018

A nice bounch back night gets us to -2 for week headed into one of the best betting weekends we've seen in years. Tonight we are all over Marshall.  For a complete preview of the game head over to our Bowl Preview page and get set for the full slate of bowl games ttps://

Marsahall - 3 at 3 units - WIN

Wednesday December 19th, 2018

Tough night last night, but that's why there is always tomorrow.  Ohio takes on the lifeless San Diego St Aztecs in the DXL Frisco Bowl.  It is a tough game to handicap, but the Bobcats should win behind a strong offense that got better as the year went on.  The Nets look to make it 7 in a row tonight in Chicago.  It is the back end of a back to back, but the Nets have already won both ends of a back to back during this streak so the Bulls shouldn't be too much trouble.  

Ohio -2.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Nets -2 at 1 unit - WIN

Tuesday December 18th, 2018

Welcome to the slow days before Christmas.  Thankfully there are a few bowl games this week to keep us from betting Norwegian Soccer.  Expect the Huskies to win a close game tonight against a game UAB team.  

Xavier +1 at 1 unit - LOSS

Eastern Washington +9.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Northern Illinois +2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monday December 17th, 2018

A plus 11 week has us on the right side of the ledger going into a week filled with Bowl games.  Tonight the Saints travel to Carolina who is playing for their playoff life, but the high powered New Orleans offense should prove to be too much as the game gets late. 

Vandy PK at 1 unit -WIN

Saints -6.5 at 2 units - LOSS


Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

+3 units


NFL Sunday December 30th, 2018

Week 17 of the NFL Season is one of the hardest handicapping weeks of the year.  There are meaningless games between teams that have been eliminated since Thanksgiving.  There are games involving teams that jockeying for playoff position. And of course there are teams playing for their playoff lives.

Kansas City looks to secure the number one seed against the Raiders who have been playing better as of late.  Giving 14 at home is a disaster in waiting for Andy Reid who has a history of losing every important game he comes across.

The 49ers +10.5 against a Ram team that is without Gurley and has been looking at the playoffs for months is an absolute stonecold lock.

The Eagles will win behind the Magic Man Saint Nick, but laying 7 is just too much.  The moneyline is heavy -305, but it won't matter when the win the game.

The Browns would love nothing more to spoil their old teams playoff hopes.  Baker Mayfield doesn't have losing seasons so sprinkle some on the ML as well as taking the touchdown.

The Texans need this game to secure the division, but don't expect them to risk their big stars if they take some hard hits early.  They will be playing on Wild Card weekend no matter what (provided the Pats win) so the game might be closer than it realistically should be.

Free Picks:

Raiders +14 at 3 units - LOSS

Eagles ML -305 at 2 units - WIN

Texans -7 at 1 units - WIN

Browns +7 at 4 units - WIN

49ers +10.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Saturday December 29th, 2018

The day is finally here, it is College Football Playoff day.  Clemson with all their turmoil takes on America's only true team Notre Dame.  Alabama with its' own quarterback controversy looks to continue its' dominance over college football by beating game Oklahoma.

The early games are a mismosh of ho-hums.  Chaddy Vegas will be live at Belk Bowl for all our insider tips.

The Saturday Parlay is our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE play of the day.  Venmo $20 to @Maxactionsports for the Saturday Parlay.

Free Picks

Clemson -12 at 2 units - WIN

Alabama/Oklahoma UNDER 78 at 2 units - LOSS

Friday December 28th, 2018

It has been an even week so far thanks to a Temple team that just didn't show up for the second half.  Today we finally get into some better teams and what should hopefully produce some quality games.  

Iowa State is the main play today as the Cyclones were money for us all year.  Add to that Mike Leach's terrible bowl record and Matt Campbell's rise  to the top of the coaching ranks and it looks like Iowa St will be celebrating a bowl win tonight.

Purdue +3.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Syracuse/WVU OVER 65.6 at 2 units - LOSS

Iowa St +2.5 at 4 units - WIN

Thursday December 27th, 2018

The cancellation of the First Responders Bowl was a first in bowl history and of course it hurt us bad.  Boise was a lock of all locks, but we can't let it get us down for too long because there are plenty of games left.

Today we have another triplet of okay games that are sure to get your juices flowing.  Temple takes on Duke, Wisconsin plays Miami in New York City, and Baylor and Vandy do battle in Texas.  Look for Temple to play for their outgoing coach and really just out "want it" against a puzzling Duke team.  Wisconsin is starting Jack Coan at QB in place of one time Heisman candidate Alex Hornibrook.  Normally a scenario like this would be they are a dead bet against, but with how badly Hornibrook played all year Coan has to be improvement and the Badger team should improve likewise.  Baylor/Vandy is a straight toss up according to our experts and when games are even we take the points.

Temple -3.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Wisconsin +2.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Baylor +4 at 1 unit - WIN

Wednesday December 26th, 2018

Well Christmas came and went and hopefully you got everything you wanted.  We had an even day on the free picks, but really nailed the Christmas Day Payback Special with the Knicks UNDER, HOUSTON ML, LAKERS ML, and our only loss due to and Overtime game in the Boston/Philly UNDER.

We are back to the bowl games today with a trio of action all through the day.  Boise is the Lock of the season giving less than a field goal to a bad Boston College team.  The other two games are tough ventures since all four teams have had their ups and downs throughout the season.  Look for Boise to win early and then use those winnings to have some fun on the afternoon and night games, but go easy on them as they are really toss ups. 

Boise St -2.5 at 4 units - Cancelled

Minnesota +5.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Cal -1 at 1 unit - LOSS

Christmas Day 2018

It's the most wonderful day of the year, and we've got you covered in all the NBA action.  As you sit around the tree and watch your family rip open the presents you're still wondering how to pay for, take a minute a remember that family is what this day is all about.  As far as paying for those presents that's where we come in.  Thanks to the magic of the body's internal clock all the players should be feeling a little sluggish today.  Christmas Day Unders have become a trend (1st made famous by Big Cat from Barstool).  This year's unders are dangerously low and all the games feature "rivals".  So as always the eternal question is do we go with the trend or go with what looks to make sense?

For that answer and more Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports and you'll receive our Christmas Day Payback Picks which are guaranteed to go 3-1 or your money back!

Free Picks 

Houston -1 at 1 unit - WIN

Philadelphia ML +150 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monday December 24th, 2018

Happy Christmas Eve!  Spend some time with your friends and family tonight because that is truly what life is all about.  For those who are in deep degenerate status there is a pitiful Monday Night Game between the Raiders and Broncos.  The Raiders have been playing better football as of late and are a home dog.  Look for Oakland to take the lead early and for the Broncos to mail it by halftime.

Oakland +2.5 at 2 units - WIN

Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

+10 Units

15 wins 10 Losses

Wildcard Sunday

Plus 10 units for the week and could have been more if not for a disastrous half point loss last night with the Cowboys -2.5   Our Wildcard package went a healthy 3-2 yesterday and we are looking for more today.  

For our Sunday ONLY package venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports with your number for the picks.

Free Picks

Michigan -9 at 1 unit - WIN

Seton Hall -2.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Brooklyn Nets -2 at 2 units - WIN

Wildcard Saturday, December 5th, 2019

In the immortal words of Dr. Dre -"Welcome to the wild, wild, west (card)! A state that's untouchable like Elliot Ness. 

It's finally here, Wildcard weekend! We enter today +9 units ready for a day that football junkies all over the world live for.  A day where you can plausible spend 12 hours at your favorite watering hole and never get bored. So today we rejoice and thank the gambling Gods for the quality match ups that are sure to fill our Saturday with excitement and our pockets with cold hard cash!

Wildcard Weekend Package is only $40 and is backed by our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if we don't turn a profit, you don't pay, it's that easy, no games, no tricks, no scams, just profits and cash!  Venmo $40 to @MaxActionSports for the picks to give you Maximum coverage for all 4 Wildcard games

Free Picks for Saturday

Rockets -1 at 1 units - LOSS

Michigan St -2.5 at 2 units - WIN

Kentucky -4.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Iona -4.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Manhattan +2.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Canisius +2.5 at 2 units - WIN

Friday January 4th, 2019

Headed into Wild Card weekend we are +7 units and gaining speed.  Tonight we have a 3 pack of basketball games to try and get us to a healthy +10 before football returns Saturday afternoon.

Venmo $40 to @MaxActionSports for this weekend's NFL Wildcard Picks!  Guaranteed to hit or your money back!  

Washington +6.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Indiana -6 at 1 units - LOSS

SUNY Buffalo -11 at 2 units - WIN

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Welcome to the first day of #MAACation  everyone's favorite conference has been bumped from their Friday night time slot on ESPN U to Thursday Night.  Not a big deal, I mean how did Seinfeld do on Thursdays? Friends? Yea thought so.  With that in mind conference play in the major ones has started and we are keeping a close on these early games.  It is hard to believe that the NCAA Tournament is just a little over 2 months away, but here we are.

Tonight we have a few NBA games that are simply too good to pass up.  The red hot Raptors travel to San Antonio who finally looks like they are going through the rebuild that they never thought they would.  Houston takes on Golden State and looks to continue their hot streak.  Harden is a man possessed right now and he will definitely want to do it against the reigning champs tonight.

Raptors +1.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Houston +8.5 at 2 units - WIN and ML +303 at 1 unit - WIN


Rider -2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

St Peters PK at 1 unit - WIN

Canisius +3 at 2 units - WIN

Manhattan +3.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monmouth +5.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

No Action

Tuesday January 1st, 2019

Happy New Year!  Today marks the start of a new year and this year's motto is Winners Only! After just an unbelievably loss last night with the over failing to hit in the Oklahoma State game we are still at even.  Unfortunately that loss burned too many of our clients and cost them all a pretty penny.  

Our Top Ten Bowl Picks are now in refund mode and all will receive their payments by the end of today.

New Years Day has been stripped of most of it's bowl glory by the abomination that is the College Football Playoff, but luckily the powers at be have left some scrapes for us to sink our teeth into today.

Penn State takes on a Kentucky team that played well against a soft schedule and faded down the stretch.  Now Big Ten teams have struggled historically in the Citrus Bowl losing 14 of the 24 matchups with the SEC.  But don't count Penn State out this year, Trace McSorely is one of the nations best quarterbacks and he should take his team on his back one last time and bury the Wildcats.

Iowa/Mississippi St are set to do battle in what the experts think is going to be a low scoring affair.  The line started at 44 and we loved it there, it is now 38.5 and trending down.  Don't be surprised when the they cover by half time, these two teams can score and score they will!

Texas takes on Georgia in what should be a battle of two Top 5 teams in 2019.  Georgia has some top players sitting out and Texas has all the motivation to cement themselves back in the National Title picture for years to come.  Take the points and take Texas.

With so much action to go around normally we wouldn't waste our time with the NBA on New Years Day, but our experts are telling us there is money to be made and since we never turn down money we are extending the offer to all of you with our NEW YEARS DAY NBA PARLAY.  A 3 team parlay that is guaranteed to hit or your money back.  You know the drill, Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports for the picks and if it doesn't hit all your money is refunded, no games, no scams, just cash!

Free Picks:

Iowa/Miss St OVER 38.5 at 5 units - WIN

Penn St -5.5 at 2 units - LOSS 

Texas +11.5 at 2 units - WIN

Monday December 31st, 2018

It's New Years Eve and that means the close of another year.  There are parties to attend, resolutions to make, and thankfully LOCKS to bet! Virginia Tech and the OVER in the Oklahoma State games are two of the easiest locks that Vegas has ever put out.  Bet them early and bet them often!

Our New Years Eve Special is available for $40, 3 games GUARANTEED TO GO 2-1 and turn a profit or your money back! Venmo to @MaxActionSports with your number for the Money Back Guaranteed Picks!  

Virginia Tech +6.5 at 4 units - WIN

Missouri/Oklahoma St OVER 72.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

+1 unit

15 wins 9 losses

Sunday January 13th, 2019

Another bad day brings our weekly number down to minus 3 units.  The Colts just did not show up at all and failed to contribute an over that was well within reach even with the type of game they played.  

Today we have the Pats trying to retain their position as the AFC's premier team.  The Chargers are making their third trip across the country in less than a week and Rivers is 0-7 against Brady for his career.  The Pats are 6-2 ATS at home, but the Chargers are hot and Bosa can provide the type of pressure that has always given Brady fits.

St. Nick the magic man travels into the Super Dome to take on the number 1 seeded Saints.  The Saints were a surprising 4-4 ATS at home while the Eagles were an equal 4-4 ATS on the road.  This game comes down to can Philadelphia keep it close early.  If they can then it will be a game all the through the end.  If New Orleans comes out early and puts 21 on the board in the first half, then it will be a tough road to hoe for the defending champs.

Sunday only picks are just $20!  Venmo to @MaxActionSports for our Money Back Guaranteed Picks!

Free Picks

Islanders +140 at 1 unit - WIN

Villanova -1 at 1 unit - WIN

Michigan -12 at 2 units - WIN

St Peters -1 at 1 unit - WIN

Saturday January 12th, 2019

Just an aboslute disaster last night brings us to a poor -1 unit on the week.  Thankfully though it is Divisional Weekend and opportunities abound.  Tonight we have the Chiefs and Colts doing battle in Arrowhead and the Cowboys and Rams in LA.  

Divisional Weekend Picks are available now by Venmo $40 to @MaxActionSports

Free Picks

Colts/Chiefs OVER 56.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Isles -200 at 1 unit - LOSS

Virginia -6.5 at 2 units - WIN

Texas Tech -1 at 1 unit - WIN

#MAACtion Friday, January 11th, 2019

Plus 1 unit last night brings us to a healthy and happy +5 units for the week.  Tonight we try and build our bankroll so Divisional Weekend in the NFL can be a monster.  Our experts have been hard at work all week and are more confident than ever in this week's picks.  

Early Bird Special for our Divisional Round Pick is just $20 for picks on all four games!  You know the drill by now so just Venmo your payment to @MaxActionSports and your number to receive our MONEY BACK GUARANTEED picks, no scams, no tricks, just cash! 

Bucks -1 at 2 units - LOSS


Siena +3 at 1 unit - WIN

Iona -2 at 3 units - LOSS

 Canisius +1.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Thursday January 10th, 2019

If not for a meaningless 3 at the buzzer by Butler last night would have been a perfect 3-0, but it was what it was so we remain +4 units for the week.

Islanders -135 at 1 unit - WIN


Quinnipiac -5.5 at 2 units - WIN

Fairfield -5.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Wednesday January 9th, 2019

We missed our two big bets last night and ended up a disappointing -2 units for the day.  The pickings are slim this time of year, but luckily our experts dove deep into their research and found 3 games that are just too good to pass up.

Bucks -1.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Seton Hall -3 at 2 units - LOSS

Hawaii -1.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Tuesday January 8th, 2019

Coming of the heels of a +10 unit week we got started quickly again with another 6 units last night.  Clemson systematically took apart Alabama and showed the world that they were clearly the best team in college football.  Congrats to the Tigers on an amazing year!

Tonight we have the red hot Islanders, who have won 6 straight and are home against the Hurricanes.  We are also into full blown college basketball season and our experts are telling us tonight is the night to make some big moves.

Islanders -125 at 2 unit - LOSS

St Johns +6 at 1 unit - WIN

Texas Tech -6 at 2 units - WIN

Manhattan +7 at 3 units - LOSS

Monday January 7th, 2019

National Championship Monday is finally here and the third time in 4 years Clemson takes on big bad Alabama.  The Tide are 1-1 in Championship games against the Tigers and 2-1 overall in the Playoffs.  Both teams were clear head and shoulders better than the rest of College Football all season and tonight we get to see the battle of the real heavyweights of the NCAA.

Dabo Sweeney has become one of the best coaches in the nation over the last few years and will have an advantage over Nick Saban who is prone to costly mistakes when the stakes get this big.  Clemson also has an advantage on the defensive line and front seven.  Some NFL scouts are saying that this Clemson team has as many as 5 first round picks on the defense.  It will be the test of Tua's career to see if he can stand up to the pressure and deliver his normal brilliant accuracy.  

Alabama on the other hand is the defending champs.  They have won 2 of the last 4 titles and are loaded top to bottom with talent.  Tua should have won the Heisman trophy and is already vying to win his second national title.  IT wouldn't surprise us at all if the Tide win a close game tonight, but that being said you have to take the points.  Alabama has not covered the spread in Championship games and we don't expect them to tonight.

Clemson +5.5 at 4 units - WIN

Clemson +190 ML at 1 unit - WIN

Today's Plays

Weekly Stats

-10.25 units

10 wins and 14 losses

Championship Sunday January 20th, 2019

Unbelievably the NFL season is down to just 3 games left.  It's not hard to remember the late days of the summer dreaming up the upcoming season and all the money there was to be made.  Our season has been a solid money maker this year, we went 17-13-2 in our Over/Under predictions and got insanely hot in our free picks during the fall.  The playoffs have been an up and down ride so far and we've yet to really catch fire.  Today's matchups should give us classic games and lots of action.  

New England travel to Kansas City to try and stop this Chief team from fulfilling their destiny in Pat Mahomes first season as a starting QB.  The weather forecast had been from brutally cold temperatures, but as of now it is projected to be 20 degrees.  Mahomes has never played in the cold before and even with a heated field the hits hurt more when it's cold.  Andy Reid has a history of "outcoaching" himself in big moments and the only Conference Championship game he has won in 5 previous tries was against a badly undertalented Atlanta Falcon team led by Micheal Vick and the DVD offense. All that said the Chiefs are true offensive juggernaut who have not been held under 26 points all year.  The Patriots defense will have to play better than they did all season to give the aging Tom Brady a chance to match points with Mahomes.  

Inside the Super Dome two explosive offensives are set to ignite what should be a raucous crowd.  Yes the Rams and Saints have relied on running the ball and tough defense more in recent weeks, but that should all fly out the window this afternoon in New Orleans.  Reports are that Todd Gurley is still not a 100 percent so expect a healthy dose of CJ Anderson, but don't expect him to have the same game he had last week against a Dallas team that looked like the wanted no part of the powerful back.  The Saints will be ready for his downhill style and Manti Teo will be attacking him harder than his dead girlfriend's ghost.  Sean Payton is an older more experienced version of Sean McVay who has every reason to go for it and win this game.  The pressure is on Payton with a 40 year old Drew Brees and the home crowd, look for some gutsy calls early where the Saints will look to force McVay into mistakes and bad situations.

Championship Picks are available for $20 on Vemno, simply send the money and your number to @MaxActionSports

Free Picks

Oilers EV at 2 units - LOSS

Iona -2.5 at 2.5units - LOSS

Utah -4 at 2 units - WIN

Friday January 18th, 2019 

Last night was an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions.  MAACtion was just a complete disgrace and we here at Max Action are truly sorry.  We are switching back to bank roll building so tonight's games are few, but they are as solid as solid can be.  Trust us and we'll take you to the cash, that's a promise, THAT'S OUR PROMISE!

Nets -1 at 3 units - WIN

Timberwolves -1 at 2 units - LOSS

Iona/Marist OVER 155 at 2 units - WIN

Thursday January 17th, 2019

Down 3 units for the week is no way to go into Conference Championship Weekend so we are hitting it hard tonight with a little bit of #MAACtion  Make sure to join in the movement with hashtag MAACtion on all you socials and let everyone know that just because they won't be going pro doesn't mean that the small conference don't play an entertaining style of ball.

Islanders -160 at 1 unit - WIN

Blackhawks +105 at 1 unit - LOSS

Jets +145 at 1 unit -WIN


Qunnipiac -2 at 2 units - LOSS

Fairfield +2 at 2 units - LOSS

St Peters -6 at 2 units - LOSS

Niagara +165 at 2 units - LOSS

Wednesday January 16th, 2019

Even in during the slow time of the year the gambling Gods can throw us a bone and tonight is that bone.  There are no fewer than 6 games that are absolutely stone cold bet your mortgage locks.

Coyotes +125 at 2 units - WIN

Nets +5.5 at 2 units - WIN

St Johns -4 at 1 units -WIN

DePaul +2.5 at 3 units  - LOSS

Albany ML +205 at 2 units - LOSS

Texas Tech -5 at 2 units - LOSS

Tuesday January 15th, 2019

Not a good start to the week so we are swtiching gears and hitting up the NHL tonight.

Lighting -140 at 2 units - WIN

Islanders -150 at 1 unit - WIN

San Jose/Pittsburgh UNDER 5.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Monday January 14th, 2019

A perfect day in the Free Picks brought us into the black for week.  Unfortunately Lutz missed a field goal for the Saints that would have paid nicely and completed our Reverse, but those are the breaks and 52 yard kicks are never a sure thing.  Sean Payton did let us all down with a disturbingly bad call on 3rd down right before the kick.  Why he called a slow developing run play instead of going for the 1st I'll never know.  Calls like that get coaches fired if they end up losing the game, lucky for Sean the Saints made a great interception to save the game and quite possibly save their coach.  WhoDatNation lives another week, but with lighter wallets,

Tonight we have a pair of NCAA basketball games to sink our teeth into.

Kansas -8 at 2 units - LOSS

Siena -5 at 1 unit  - LOSS


Today's Plays

Weekly Stats


+ 8 Units

Sunday January 27th, 2019

A huge 4-1, plus 8 unit Saturday has us flying high today.  Our experts are as hot as a pistol up 15 units in just last two days! and that's not even counting our Aqueduct Lock of Day that returned a 5-1 winner and The Pegasus World Cup where Horse Racing Rich hit the first 4 graded stakes!  We are ranked #1, one, that means we are the best as Clubber Lang so eloquently stated in Rocky III, by an independent handicapper verification site.   But if you've been following us, you don't need to check anything more than you bank account to know how hot we are and how hard our experts work to bring you the best picks on the internet.  

Today we have a foursome (oh lala) of college basketball games to get your blood pumping.  Juventus is a good price so our soccer (umm football) guy has thrown them in as it is rare that you don't have to lay extreme odds with them.


Free Picks

Michigan State PK at 2 units - LOSS

Memphis -2 at 2 units - WIN

Marist +10.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Quinnipiac/St Peters OVER 131.5 at 2 units - WIN

Juventus +107 at 2 units - WIN

Saturday January 26th, 2019

Little wins turn into big wins and they turn into monster weeks.  4-0 plus 7 units last night means we are primed for a HUGE Saturday.  Virginia and Hofstra are a combined 16-1 ATS on the road this season.  They are each taking on conference rivals and giving 11.5 and 9.5 respectively.  Each should cover easy and will set the tone for our monster day.

For all you horse racing fans head on over to Pegasus World Cup Betting Guide and Preview!  We have gone through all 6 Graded Stakes and laid out the best way to cash in throughout the day!  

As Always our Guaranteed Pick 6, Pick 5, and Pick 4 cards are available, Venmo $20 and if one of the pools doesn't hit then your money is returned!

Free Picks

Virginia -11.5 at 3 units -WIN

Hofstra -9.5 at 3 units - WIN

Syracuse +6.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Utah -5.5 at 2 units - WIN

Niagara -2 at 2 units - WIN


Friday January 25th, 2019

We got back to our winning ways last night and it couldn't have come at a better time.  Unbelievably it is officially a month since Christmas!  I know it feels like Christmas happened years ago, but just last month we were all giddy about presents under the tree, the upcoming bowl games, and the NFL playoffs.  Now we're diving deep into Iona/Rider match ups and trying to figure out if Buffalo will cover an 8.5 point spread against the feisty Golden Flashes of Kent State.

For all you horse racing fans head on over to Pegasus World Cup Betting Guide and Preview!  We have gone through all 6 Graded Stakes and laid out the best way to cash in throughout the day!  

As Always our Guaranteed Pick 6, Pick 5, and Pick 4 cards are available, Venmo $20 and if one of the pools doesn't hit then your money is returned!

Free Picks

Iona +2 at 1 unit - WIN

Michigan -4 at 2 units - WIN

Buffalo -8.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Marist/Quinnipiac OVER 137.5 at 2 units - WIN

Thursday January 24th, 2019 

It is time for a change up!  We're down, but not out and there's plenty of action today to start making our come back.  Times like this are when the cream rises to the top and we know that's what you expect from a service like ours.  

Free Picks

Hofstra -7.5 at 2 units - WIN

Michigan State -4.5 at 2 units - WIN

Monmouth +4.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Wednesday January 23rd, 2019

Down 3.5 units on the week is no way to start our pre Super Bowl bank building.  Tonight is another light schedule  so we are taking it easy with just a few games.  For all those horse racing fans or just another looking to make some money make sure to look for our Pegasus World Cup Preview, which will be dropping tomorrow night.

Free Picks

Fordham -2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Texas +2.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Hawaii +2 at 1 unit - WIN

Nets -6 at 2 units - LOSS

Tuesday January 22nd, 2019

We have a five pack of games today that are ripe for the picking.  Buffalo looks to remain unbeaten in the MAC taking on Northern Illinois on the road tonight.  The Bulls have quietly become one of the nation's most consistent winners.  Buffalo is 6-2-1 ATS on the road, but the Huskies are an astounding 6-1 ATS at home. Kentucky takes on conference rival Miss St who is 3-1 ATS on the road, while Kentucky is a paltry  5-7 ATS this season.  What all this adds up to is you are either with the trends or bucking them and we my friends are against them tonight.  Look for both the Bulls and Wildcats to get healthy against outclassed opponents tonight. 

Free Picks

Kentucky -6.5 at 2 units - WIN

Buffalo -8 at 2 units - LOSS

Texas Tech +2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

St Peter's +3.5 at 3 units - WIN

Islanders -140 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monday January 21st, 2019

It's a light Monday night as most of the games were played during the day on MLK day.

Free Picks

Kansas -5.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Manhattan +1 at 2 units -LOSS

Today's Plays

Saturday February 2nd, 2019

Well the month did not get off to a good start.  We got hurt by some bad play down in the final minutes and the joke of the NHL's overtimes.  But we are back today with a six pack of picks to get us rolling going into Sunday.

Free Picks

Nets +2 at 1 units - LOSS

Rutgers +9.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Memphis +1 at 3 units - LOSS

Providence +1 at 2 units - LOSS

Hofstra +1.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Siena +5 at 1 unit - WIN

Friday February 1st, 2019

Our streak finally came to an end last night.  Marist/Iona fell apart early in the second half, Fairfield never got off the bus, and Utah failed to fire on their home court.

Free Picks

Islanders +130 at 2 units - LOSS

Michigan -4 at 1 unit - LOSS

Maryland +5 at 2 units - LOSS

Quinnipiac +3.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Bowling Green +8 at 1 unit - WIN

Thursday January 31st, 2019

Well we have made it through January and we're still winning at an unprecedented rate.  Tonight's MAACtion should pad our pockets for Sunday's big game!

Utah -1 at 2 units - LOSS

Marist/Iona OVER 158 at 4 units - LOSS

St Peters +12 at 2 units - WIN

Fairfield -3 at 3 units - LOSS

Wednesday January 30th, 2019

An even night is still better than a losing one and that marks 6 days straight days without losing money.  The bankroll is being built for the Superbowl and our Prop Bet Spectacular, which will be released later this week.  Tonight we have a pair of Big East games too good to pass up and Wichita State at home against an SMU team that is just 1-4 ATS on the road.

Free Picks

Providence +3.5 at 2 units - WIN

Villanova -7 at 1 unit - WIN

Wichita State -3 at 2 units - LOSS

Tuesday January 29th, 2019

The hot streak continues with another perfect night.  14 and 2 in our last 4 four days and our pockets are starting to burst!  Tonight's slate is packed with top 25 teams and there is plenty of action to go around.

Free Picks

Kansas -1 at 2 units - LOSS

Michigan -10 at 2 units - WIN

Buffalo/Ball St OVER 160.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Virginia/NC State UNDER 140 at 1 unit - WIN

Monday January 28th, 2019

We've been on an absolute tear since Friday.  12 Wins to only 2 Losses, plus 19 Units in just 3 days.  Our experts are hot and we are going to keep the good times rolling with a pair of locks tonight.

Nets +9.5 at 2 units - WIN

Texas Tech -5.5 at 1 unit - WIN