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Today's Plays

Saturday February 16th, 2019

We are posting early due to some site maintenance that unfortunately can not be avoided.

Free Picks

Maryland +6 at 2 units - LOSS

Virginia Tech -4 at 1 unit - WIN

Hofstra -9 at 2 units - LOSS

Utah - 3 at 2 units - LOSS

Montana -7 at 3 units - WIN

Friday February 15th, 2019

Thanks to a MONSTER Valentines Day (+9 units) we are riding high going into MAACtion tonight.  Hopefully everyone had a wonderful night with their special one and if you want a pro tip, pick up some flowers on your way home tonight for the "just cause I love you special".  Trust me it will help smooth over the next rough time in the relationship, like when you spend all day Saturday watching the Orlando Apollos pound the San Antonio whoever!

Free Picks

Buffalo -2.5 at 1 unit - WIN

 Friday night #MAACtion

Niagara -5.5  at 1 unit - LOSS

Iona -8 at 2 units - WIN

Fairfield +4.5 at 3 units - WIN

Marist +4 at 1 unit - WIN

Monmouth +8 at 2 units - LOSS

Thursday February 14th, 2019

Our first few nights back haven't been what you'd call a "success", but gambling is a war, not a battle and all this work is leading up to what will be a monster NCAA tournament.  

Tonight is Valentines Day, the day where you get to flush a hundred bucks down the toilet on flowers, then another 200 on dinner just to keep the status quo in your relationship.  Weeks later you'll have a fight because she saw some random girls on Instagram posting their jewelry presents or surprise vacations and all you'll be thinking about is the 300 you wasted on flowers that are long dead and a dinner that wasn't that good.

Fear not though, we have the perfect solution for you, tonight's slate doesn't feature too many top teams, but it does have the makings of a heavy night.

Free Picks

Hofstra PK at 2 units - WIN

Montana St -1 at 3 units - WIN

Utah -3.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Hawaii -14 at 3 units - WIN

Wednesday February 13th, 2019

Free Picks

Nets -7.5 at 2 units - WIN

Clemson -3 at 1 unit - LOSS

Siena -2.5 at 4 units - LOSS

Albany -2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Anaheim Ducks at 2 units - WIN

Tuesday February 12th, 2019

Max Action is back from our latest trip overseas and we are better than ever!  Our apologies to anyone who missed our picks on Twitter @MaxActionSports and to the days we missed due to travel in locations without internet access.  

Tonight we have a two NHL games almost too good to believe and a few NCAA games with hot teams in plus odd situations.

Free Pick

Islanders -120 at 1 unit - LOSS

Capitals +125 at 2 units - LOSS

Maryland PK at 2 units - WIN

Michigan -7 at 2 units - LOSS

Quinnipiac +1 at 1 unit  - WIN

Today's Plays

Final Weekly stats

Free Picks

14-16 Even Units

Pay Picks 

7-1 +16 units


Sunday March 3rd, 2019

LSU and the Apollos came through big time for us to save what could have been a very bad day.  UNC won but didn't cover and Kentucky got their doors blown off so badly that you almost have to start reconsidering just how good this team really is.

For those who were wondering whether our Mid Major Special was worth it, well just ask everyone who bought it because we went 4-0!  

Sunday's slate is surprisingly slim.  The Islanders host the Flyers at Nassau Coliseum and look to continue their winning ways in their rightful home.  The Golden Knights are a heavy price (-265) but there's no hotter team in the NHL right.  Louisville takes on one of the worst Notre Dame teams in years and Siena and Marist look to be road locks in today's #MAACtion plays of the day.

Free Picks

Juventus +220 at 2 units - WIN

Islanders/Golden Knights Parlay at 2 units - LOSS

Louisville -9 at 2 units - WIN

Siena PK at 2 units - WIN

Marist +2 at 2 units - LOSS

Saturday March 2nd, 2019

Another winning night gets us that much closer to even on the week (Plus 5 units if you took advantage of our pay picks!)  Early March Saturdays are all about management.  There are literally dozens of games that our experts "like", and even more that we have had requests for.  The job of our staff is to not only post the games that are potential winners, but to identify games of interest without sacrificing the best opportunities to make serious money.  

Kentucky looks to remain scalding hot on the road against hated rival Tennessee, who has begun to fade after a tremendous season so far. LSU brings their sterling road ATS record to Alabama who hopes for a big win to solidify their NCAA tournament ticket.  And red hot UNC travels to Clemson in an ACC battle that could determine whether or not the Tar Heels get the top spot in ACC tournament next week.

Free Picks


Apollos -4 at 2 units

LSU -1.5 at 4 units

Kentucky +3 at 2 units

UNC -4.5 at 2 units

Utah +6 at 1 unit

Hawaii -6.5 at 2 units

With that being said, we have a full, full slate today so we have decided to bring back the Mid Major Special as a pay for picks MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and list the major games as our Free Picks.

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Friday March 1st, 2019

Thank you to all of those who purchased the Mid Major Special, we were a very profitable 3-1 last night.  Tonight is #MAAction Friday and boy oh boy is there a lot of MAACtion!  

Marist travels to Fairfield in a battle of two middle of the pack teams looking to build momentum before the tourney.  Siena takes the brutal trip west on I-90 looking to come home with two wins against Canisius and Niagara.  Iona will try to stay on top of the  conference on the road against Rider and Manhattan looks to be defend Draddy Gym and the 6th Borough against a disappointing  Monmouth team.

As always use the #MAACtion for a chance to win future picks for free and keep the money rolling in!

Free MAACtion Picks

Iona +5.5 at 2 units - WIN

Canisius -2 at 1 unit - WIN

Marist +2 at 1 unit - LOSS

Quinnipiac -2 at 1 unit - WIN

Manhattan -1.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Thursday February 28th, 2019

Today is the final day of the month and we are looking to make a big move.  Our experts LOVE a handful of mid major games tonight so much that we can't possibly include them in the free pick section.  For those picks simply VENMO $20 to @MaxActionSports with your number.

Free Picks

Nuggets -6 at 2 units

St Johns -5.5 at 1 unit

Wednesday February 27th, 2019

We had a solid night last night to get back to near even for the week.  Syracuse came out red hot and looked like an outright winner before fading in the 2nd half, but still managed a cover.

Tonight the NBA takes center stage with a pair of game so easy it almost feels like stealing.  The Nets who after the break are back to their winning ways take on a terrible Washington team.  And the Rockets travel to Charlotte to battle the Hornets.

Free Picks

Nets -5 at 3 units

Rockets -4.5 at 2 units

Maryland -1.5 at 1 unit

Ole Miss +4.5 at 1 unit

Tuesday February 26th, 2019

Not a great start to the week, but there is a full slate of games tonight to get back to our winning ways.  Syracuse travels down to Chapel Hill to take on the red hot Tar Heels.  Don't make the mistake of counting Syracuse out simply because of the turmoil Boeheim finds himself in once again.  There defense travels and 12 points is simply too much to give a quality team.

Free Picks

Islanders -110 at 2 units

Nuggets -3 at 1 unit

Syracuse +12 at 2 units

Virginia Tech +4.5 at 2 units

Monday February 25th, 2019

It is one of the leanest Mondays of the year with only a handful of games to choose from.  Luckily for us, our experts like a few NCAA games as well as one NHL game tonight.

Free Picks

Montreal -135 at 2 units - LOSS

Florida State -12.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Kansas -3.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Montana -6.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Today's Plays

Final Weekly Stats


-2 units

Sunday March 10th, 2019

We are squarely stuck in the middle of an even streak.  Normally that's a cause for concern because one bad day can send everything into a deadly tailspin, but during conference tournaments the normal trends don't apply and we are feeling great going into this snowy Sunday in the Northeast.

Saturday we hit big with Furman and Siena, while losing by a point or less with Kentucky and Cal Irvine.  Belmont laid an absolute egg the last 5 minutes of the Ohio Valley Championship game and we were on the wrong side of that game.

The Colonial kicks off their tournament today and the Southern keeps it rolling as Furman and Wofford head towards their eventual collision in the finals.  

The Memphis Express of the AAF finally dumped the stiff Christian Hackenberg in favor of LSU great Zach Mettenberger.  Look for them to take it to a badly overmatched 1 win Atlanta team.

Locks of the Day are in the MAACtion Semis between Siena and Iona and in the Atlantic Sun Finals between Liberty and Lipscomb.  Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports for the picks!

Free Picks

Memphis (AAF) +1.5 at 3 units - LOSS

Hofstra -11.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

William & Mary -5 at 3 units - LOSS

Northeastern -10.5 at 2 units - WIN

Wofford -7 at 2 units - WIN

Furman -2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Friday March 8th, 2019

An even night last night keeps us at +2 for the week.  The lines for most of the smaller conferences haven't been finalized yet so we will post the final picks later today.

Picks updated as of 4:00pm 

Free Picks

VCU -11 at 3 units - WIN

Virginia Tech -10. at 1 unit - WIN

Iona -7 at 2 units - LOSS

Manhattan +4.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Murray State -6 at 3 units - LOSS

Thursday March 7th, 2019

The Vegas Golden Knights keep rolling and we keep riding them.  They are on a march to the Stanley Cup playoffs and don't be surprised if they continue it all the way to the Finals for the second straight year.  We had a banner night and if not for the narrowest of losses by Clemson we'd be coming off a perfect 4-0 night.  Now +2 on the week we are entering the single best gambling time of the year, Conference Tournaments.  The procedure is easy, find the best team in the conference and then hammer them all the way through.  Year after year we have produced HUGE results and this year will be no different.

Free Picks

Cal Irvine -12 at 2 units - WIN

Colorado -6 at 1 unit - WIN

Montana -5.5 at 2 units - LOSS

#MAACtion Tournament

Marist -2.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Manhattan +1.5 at 2 units - WIN

Niagara +2.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Wednesday March 6th, 2019

If not for an Alabama second half collapse we'd be coming off a solid 3-1 night.  As is we are only down 2 units for the week and rolling right along  as conference tournaments start up all over the nation.

 Clemson travels to South Bend in a must win scenario if the Tigers hope to  keep their tournaments hopes alive.  LSU looks to remain hot  before entering the gauntlet that will be  the SEC tournament.

Free Picks

Suns -3.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Golden Knights -145 at 3 units - WIN

LSU PK  at 2 units - WIN

Clemson -3 at 2 units - LOSS

Tuesday March 5th, 2019

And last night is a perfect example of why betting the NBA is a no win proposition.  Thankfully our NCAA picks stayed hot and bailed us out to just a -1 unit night.

Tonight the SEC takes stage with Kentucky/Mississippi headlining a full slate of games.  Alabama looks to remain in the tournament picture and a win of rival Auburn would go a long way in the selection committee's eyes.  

Over in the Big Ten Michigan State welcomes in perennial punching bag Nebraska as they are just one game behind Purdue for the Big Ten regular season crown.

Free Picks

Penguins -210 at 1 unit - WIN

Virginia Tech +4.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Michigan State -14 at 2 units - WIN

Alabama +2.5 at 2 units - LOSS

Monday March 4th, 2019

Happy Monday everyone, we are coming in hot fresh off a +16 week if you took advantage of our Pay Picks and an EVEN week if you freeloaded.  Either way we nailed it Sunday with a +4 day and are looking to stay hot as the college casketball world turns its' eye to conference tournaments.

Tonight we have a NBA game with two teams that can score and can not play (or at least have shown no interest in playing) a lick of defense.  We also have what just might be the first appearance by the Sacramento Kings who are taking on the lowly Knicks on the back end of a back to back.

Free Picks

Dallas/Brooklyn OVER 227 at 2 units - LOSS

Sacramento -11 at 2 units - LOSS

Virginia -6 at 1 unit - WIN

Northern Arizona +15 at 2 units - WI

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Today's Plays

Final Weekly Stats


+8 units

Sunday March 17th, 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day and happy +10 on the week!!!  Saturday brought us more winners and more money as we continue to build our bankroll for the NCAA Tournament.  

Today will be a light day as the remaining games are all close match ups.  All four of the teams in the SEC and Big Ten finals will be 3 seeds or higher in the NCAA.  Look for competitive games, but don't be surprised if there is some let down after the intensity of yesterday, especially for Tennessee.

Free Picks

St. Bonaventure -1 at 2 units - LOSS

Auburn +4.5 at 2 units - WIN

Michigan +1 at 2 units - LOSS

Saturday March 16th, 2019

Semifinal Saturday is one of the best days of there.  The strategy remains the same, stick with the hot teams and bet them moneyline.  

Vermont takes on last year's Cinderella UMBC, but don't expect another magical run by the Retrivers because Vermont has been head and shoulder better than anyone in the AmEast all season.

URI looks to continue it's run to the A-10 crown from the depths of the 8 seed.  Michigan State and Auburn take on strong teams in their respective semis, but both should prevail.

Look for updates throughout the day as the lines come out, both here and on Twitter @MaxActionSports

9 am update

Michigan State -238 at 1 unit - WIN

Auburn -168 at 1 unit - WIN

URI +115 at 2 units - LOSS

Vermont -10.5 at 2 units - WIN

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Friday March 15th, 2019

+15 units doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen without the hard work of a lot of very smart people.  We are 10-4 on the week and proved again why our pay picks are worth it every time.  Last night the Mid Major Special took care of business and added to our already awesome week.

As the conference tournaments enter the weekend we are in full ride or die mode so don't be scared off of Moneylines that seem too big and don't chase the "underdogs" because this isn't the big tournament, this is the week of the best teams winning.

Free Picks

VCU -8 at 2 units

Michigan State -11 at 2 units

LSU -155 at 2 units

Colorado +2 at 1 unit

Mid Major Special is back again! Guaranteed to turn a profit or your money back!  Venmo @20 to @MaxActionSports with your number for the picks!

Thursday March 14th, 2019

Another big night brings us to an amazing +13 units on the WEEK!  We've been telling you all year that this is the best week to make money and we are producing results.  Get in while the getting is good!

Free Picks

Islanders -140 at 1 unit - WIN

Seton Hall -2.5 at 2 units - WIN

NC State +11 at 1 unit (12:30 tip off) - LOSS

Mid Major Special is once again available for $20, simply Venmo @MaxActionSports with your number for the picks!  

2-2 Plus 2 Units

Wednesday March 13th, 2019

Congratulations to Northeastern on a great year and a birth to the NCAA Tournament.  Hopefully the selection committee does right by the Huskies and gives them a 13 seed or higher, because if they end up playing in Dayton it would be a disgrace.

Today all the big boys get going.  The ACC (today is the 2nd round for the ACC) Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, and PAC 12 have there 1st rounds.  The key to the major conferences is not to go to big to early.  Let the bad teams (like everyone playing today, save that from Virginia Tech and perhaps Clemson) play and hop back in tomorrow with the Ride or Die strategy.  

Free Picks

Virginia Tech -7.5 at 4 units - WIN

Fordham +1.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Clemson -1.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

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Tuesday March 12th, 2019

5-0 plus 10 units on a Monday night is the best way to start off one of the best weeks on the gambling year.  This week is all about finding the hot team and riding them ML right till the championship.  Today we are sticking with Wright St and Northeastern.  Add in a little NBA action is the free falling Lakers against a playing better Bulls team and you have the makings of a seriously huge week.

Free Picks

Northeastern -155 at 2 units - WIN

Wright St PK at 2 units - LOSS

Chicago Bulls +1 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monday March 11th, 2019

Updated at 1pm, for the latest news follow us on Twitter @MaxActionSports

Free Picks

Brooklyn -2 at 1 units - WIN

Wright State -6 at 1 unit  - WIN

Northeastern -150 at 4 units - WIN

Iona -215 at 2 units - WIN

Wofford -7 at 2 units - WIN