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College World Series Preview and Betting Guide


Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves, unless you or someone in your family is directly involved in College Baseball, or you’re a professional gambler, you probably aren’t doing much more than educated guessing when it comes to betting on it. Realistically, most of you aren’t betting it at all until this time of the year. 

However, every June, the eyes of the sports world descend onto Omaha, Nebraska, for one of the truly unique events in all of sports, the College World Series. Your team here at Max Action Sports know plenty of you will be looking for action, as we’re in the midst of Baseball season and in the dog days of the gambling year, so we’re ready to help you make more than just educated guesses. You will not find a better network with more experience, or connections inside the college game. Let’s make some money!

First things first, let’s talk about overall betting strategy. The majority of you will likely be looking for our pick to win it all, and we’ll give you some guidance there. However, that’s not where the money is made. The fact of the matter is, this tournament is so popular because it’s an incredibly unique format you won’t see anywhere else in sports, and because of that, trying to pick the winner before the tournament begins is really not your best option. There are certainly teams better suited to win the tournament, but so many things can happen in the midst that can put the best team at a disadvantage. For example, you may have a matchup where one team on paper is far superior, but their two previous games went into extras, and now the superior team is throwing their number 4, their bullpen is completely shot. Not only is the other team relatively rested in the pen because their starter went the distance the game before, but they’re the best offensive team in the tournament. So now, you could have a situation where one of the top teams in the tournament is favored, and you’re getting a big price on a VERY live dog. In this spot we bet the over and take the dog, and sprinkle it with a parlay for a chance to really cash in. Do your research, go back to this preview as match ups emerge over the next 10 days or so. Watch out for teams throwing their ace on short rest as well, it will happen. If the bullpen isn’t rested behind him, you’re going to get a good price on the opposition. Here’s the best part… Vegas and your bookmaker are not taking a ton of action on these games, this will be one of these unique opportunities for you to have the advantage. The handicappers are going to spend way more time on the days pro games, and you’ll be in a position to cash in. 

To Win it All Picks

Michigan 12-1 at 1 unit

Florida St 10-1 at 1 unit

Vanderbilt 3-1 at 3 units

Daily Picks will be made on our Today's Play page and through our Twitter @MaxActionSports throughout the days ahead.  Chaddy Vegas is deep into his work, combing through endless statistics and trends to bring you the best College Picks in the business!