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NFL Over/Unders

Final Stats

17- 13 - 2 Overall

8-7-1 NFC

9-6-1 AFC

7-8-2 When betting on OVERS

10-5 When Betting UNDERS

Top Ten Picks

6-2-2 - Eagles u10.5 - WIN, Cardinals o5.5 - LOSS, Bills u6.5 - WIN, Cowboys o8.5 - WIN, Broncos u7 - WIN, Lions o8 - LOSS, Colts o6.5 - WIN, Pats o11 - PUSH, Titans o8 - WIN, Washington o7 - PUSH

NFL Season - 12 OVERS, 18 UNDERS, 2 PUSHES

The NFL season has finally returned and it couldn’t come a better time.  We have been treading water with MLB since our unbelievable +40 unit month of July.  Our experts are working long hours getting their weekly picks ready for the upcoming season finding out which teams are for real and which teams are going to take a step back.  To get this season off to a flying start we have over/under picks for all 32 teams with 10 that our experts have isolated as too good to be true locks.  For those 10 picks simply Venmo $20 to @maxactionsports for the picks.  If we don’t turn a profit then you receive a full refund, no questions asked, no funny business, just money in your pocket.   

AFC East

Patriots over 11 – Listen we know that Tom Brady has to lose at some point and that he isn’t ageless, but in a bad division the Pats are assured 6 games where they will be favored by near double digits.  They have averaged over 11 wins for the past 17 years and this year will be no different. 6 -2 the Pats are well on their way to another 12 win season

Jets over 6 – They won 5 games last year with QB’s named McCown & Petty.  There will be growing pains with Sam Darnold, but he has looked like the real deal in preseason and has a solid defense to keep him close in games. At 3-5 the Jets have a tough schedule ahead, but 7 wins is still very much in the picture

Dolphins under 6.5 – Miami is an interesting team because if they get quality quarterback play they could eclipse this number easily.  The thing is Tannehill has never proved he can stay healthy or be quality.   4-4 the Dolphins seem to have their number covered, but problems at the QB position have everything in flux

Bills under 6.5 – Buffalo is already showing why they are Buffalo by starting Mr. 5 Ints in the first half Peterman.  Josh Allen is clearly not ready and most likely will be never be for the NFL.  We expect the Bills to make a mess of their QB situation by jumping back and forth all season so don’t expect too many wins from this disaster of a franchise. 2-6 the Bills not might win another game all season, we are already counting the money

AFC South

Houston over 8.5 – Deshaun Watson set the league on fire before his knee injury last season.  Now healthy and with another year to learn the playbook we expect him and the Texans to make the jump into perennial playoff team status.

5-3 the Texans have won 5 straight and are not looking back.  9 wins will be tough, but they are alive and looking good

Colts over 6.5 – The whole season and future of the franchise lies on the shoulder on Andrew Luck.  When he’s healthy they are an 10 win team no matter the talent around him.  We are betting that he is healthy.  3-5 early on it seemed like the Colts would never win 7, but Luck is playing like Luck again and 7 wins looks like a real possibly

Jacksonville under 9 – Yes last year they were one of the league’s best defenses and yes they got competent play from Blake Bortles, but in a league that doesn’t stay stagnant for long we expect the Jags to regress badly this year.  3-5 the Jags are a complete mess there is no way they win 7 more games

Tennessee over 8 – The introduction of a new coach should energize this young talented team.  Mariota should continue to transition to the NFL game and Derrick Henry should flourish now that he isn’t sharing the spotlight with Murray.  This is also a bit of a hedge on the health of Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson, if they are not healthy someone will win this division and the Titans have the best chance to do so. 3-4 the Titans are a total .500 team.  6 -2 in their final 8 doesn't look like its happeneing

AFC North 

Pittsburgh over 10.5 – The combination of Rothelisberger and Tomlin has produced winning seasons since they came together.  The Bell distraction is a concern but they are still one of the most talented teams in the league and should easily win 12 games.  4-2-1 the early season tie might have beat us here.  Having to go 7-1 is a tall task and one that is not likely to happen

Baltimore under 8 – The Ravens have been mediocre for so long it is tough to remember a time when they weren’t.  Introduce a budding quarterback controversy to the mix and it spells disaster of epic proportions. 4-4 just like the Titans this number is right on point

Cleveland under 5.5 – Tyrod Taylor is a quality pro who given a talented team can and will win games.  This Brown team is talented especially at WR, with Gordon and Landry, but he’ll also have Mayfield breathing over his shoulder and a fan base that will jump on him the second he has bad a game.  2-5-1 on this one we might get saved by the tie.  A whole new coaching staff should bode  well for us

Cincinnati under 7 – The Bengals are constantly a team that can’t put it all together, but that’s not the case this year.  They have finally become talent starved at too many key interior line positions.  Dalton has always been middling at best and this year with Green as his only real proven option we expect him and the Bengals to fall completely apart. 5-3 this is completely dead and we were completely wrong 

AFC West

San Diego under 9.5 – The Chargers are a classic bad when they’re supposed to be good and good when it no longer matters team.  The division is awful so they’ll probably win 8 or 9 games, but taking the over would be an act of a crazy person. 5-2 this is another dead one, the Chargers have been one of the leagues best teams

Chiefs over 8.5 – Normally our experts would never say a team with a first year starter at QB is going to put up a winning record, but Mahomes is no ordinary first year player.  The Chiefs have done it with a variety of players over the years and Andy Reid produces wins in the regular season no matter how much he struggles after that.  7-1  win 

Broncos under 7 – Denver is in for a world of trouble hitching their wagon to Case Keenum.  When you add that to a depleted roster void of any proven meaningful talent you have one of the worst teams in the league.  3-5  dealing their best WR at the deadline looks to cement this one in our favor

Oakland under 8.5 – With a healthy Derrick Carr the Raiders should improve from last year’s terrible season, but with the departure of Mack and a front office that seems to not know what it wants look for the Raiders to be competitive but lose a lot of close games.  1-6 if they were all this easy we'd all be millionaires

NFC East

Giants under 7 – Yes the Giants have added Saquon Barkley to their already talent filled offense, but the truth they are not willing to accept is that Eli Manning hasn’t been at his top for years.  First year Coach Pat Shurmr is going to find out very quickly that all the tools in the world don’t matter very much if the craftsman can’t use them anymore. 1-7 honestly they were lucky to win even 1 with the talent-less statue Eli Manning at QB

Dallas over 8.5 – The Cowboys should return to 2016 form will the return of Zeke Elliot.  They were well on their way to a winning season last year before he was suspended so given that he stays in the lineup, look for the Cowboys to easily win 10 games.  3-4 unless Dak improves dramatically in the second half this is a loss

Washington over 7 – Alex Smith steps into a ready to win team and that’s exactly what he has always done.  Since 2013 Smith has quietly averaged 10 wins a season, winning 11 three times in that span.  5-2  all Alex Smith does is Win and so are we 

Philadelphia under 10.5 – The defending Super Bowl champs are off to a bad start already by having to start post season hero and chronic under performer Nick Foles.  Make no mistake they are widely talented and when Wentz returns they should kick it into high gear again, but 11 wins is too heavy a bet on the shoulder of Nick Foles.  4-4 the Eagles are improving and could make the playoffs but they are not going 6-2

NFC North

Chicago under 6.5 – Second year QB Mitchell Turbinsky looks to take a step forward as he becomes more comfortable with the playbook.  The addition of Khalil Mack will improve an already stout defense, but the division is a murder’s row of talented defenses and top quarterbacks.  4-3 this Bears team is up and down but 3 wins looks very likely

Green Bay over 10 – Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league not named Tom Brady.  As long as he stays healthy the Packers will have no issue winning 12 games. 3-3-1 and that's all she wrote for the 11 wins, loss

Detroit over 8 – When healthy Matt Stafford has been one of the more productive qb’s in the league.  The Lions are in a win now mode and look to improve on the 9-7 seasons they had in 16 and 17.  Matt Patricia will improve a defense that has look unimaginative at times.  3-4 could the Lions win 5 of their next 9, yes, but we'll have to wait and see

Minnesota under 10 – Kirk Cousins comes to one of the best teams in the league, but he has a habit of making the big mistake in the big spot.  His hefty contract will prove costly to a team that was one tackle away from the Super Bowl last season.  4-3-1 winning 6 more games is out of the question, win

NFC South

Falcons over 9.5 – It is now or never for the talented pair of Ryan and Jones.  Our experts are betting on now.  3-4 this is a no doubt about it loss

Saints over 9.5 – Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees made a perfect pair last year and there is no reason to think that another year of a practice won’t improve the league’s best backfield.  Sean Payton is looking to be a stamp on his tenure in New Orleans and this year should prove to be it.  6-1 the Saints are one of the best teams in the league, they should cover this easy

Carolina under 9 – This is by no means a slap to a quality Panther team.  Our experts have them pegged as one of the toughest over/unders this season. Newton, Funchess, and Mcaffery make for one of the league’s most explosive offenses, but 10 wins is a lot so we are venturing on the safe side.  5-2 we thought this was a tough one and we were right, too early to tell, but not looking good

Tampa Bay under 6.5 – Frankly it is surprising the number isn’t lower. With Winston’s suspension and a mess of an offseason the Bucs will be lucky to win 3 or 4 games.  3-4 looking good, but not locked up yet

NFC West

49ers over 8.5 – Jimmy G is as for real as for real gets.  The loss of Jerick McKinnon will hurt but the 49ers finally have enough parts in place to put a real run together.  1-7  the early season injury to Jimmy G crippled this team and our pick, loss

Rams over 10 – Looking to prove last year was no fluke Sean McVay will be on a mission this season.  With young talented players all over the roster and budding stars on defense we expect the Rams to compete for a Super Bowl. 8-0 Easy money!

Seattle under 8 – The Seahawks are a team that has been on the verge of collapse for a few years now.  This is the year they finally fall all the way apart.  8 wins would take a miracle season from Russell Wilson and we’re not into betting miracles. 4-3 when your wrong you have to admit it and we were wrong with this Seahawk team, they are playing as well as anybody the last 2 weeks and the number looks dead

Arizona over 5.5 – Sam Bradford may be an injury waiting to happen, but when he is healthy he is a winning player.  Add Josh Rosen who many thought was the most polished QB in the draft to a superstar running back and 6 wins doesn’t seem like such a tall order.  2-6 the Cards have been in games but not enough to think they can go 4-4 in the second half, Loss