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NFL Over/Unders 2019

Final Record for 2019 NFL Season

7-3 for the Top Ten

3-1 when betting OVERS

4-2 when betting UNDERS

18-14 for all 32

9-7 in both AFC and NFC

6-6 when betting OVERS

12-8 when betting UNDERS 


NFL Over Under Picks for all 32 Teams

In 2018 we had an amazing Over/Under year. We complied an impressive 17-13-2 record, going 6-2-2 for our Top Ten Picks, which many of you cashed on with our guaranteed Money Back Special. Once again this year we are offering picks for all 32 teams for FREE! For our Top Ten Picks which our experts are so confident about that we are GUARANTEEING a 7-3 record!!! Venmo $73 to @MaxActionSports with your number or use the Paypal Button on this page for the money back guaranteed picks! 

2019 Top Ten Picks

Guaranteed 7-3 record, Promises Made, Promises Kept!

Houston OVER 8.5 -10-6 - WIN

Panthers UNDER 8 - 5-11 - WIN

Jacksonville UNDER 8.5 - 6-10 - WIN

Baltimore UNDER 8.5 - 14-2 - LOSS

Chiefs OVER 10.5 - 12-4 - WIN

Saints OVER 10 - 13-3 - WIN

Raiders UNDER 6 - 7-9 - LOSS

Giants UNDER 6 - 4-12 - WIN

Cowboys OVER 9 - 8-8 - LOSS

Washington UNDER 6.5 -3-11 - WIN

7-3 Top Ten Picks

AFC East

Patriots under 11.5 – The Patriots have averaged over 11 wins for the past 18 seasons, and that is why this number is so tough. Coming off their 6th super bowl win, and 3 straight appearance the Pats and Tom Brady have shown no signs of slowing down their historic winning. The loss of Gronkowski is enormous for an offense that looked pedestrian at times last year even with the future Hall of Famer and the Jets and Bills should provide more a challenge this year.  - LOSS

Jets over 7.5 – Todd Bowels was simply the worse coach in the NFL for the past few years and not that Adam Gase is suddenly going to be Vince Lombardi, but he is a HUGE step up from the inept Bowels. Sam Darnold enters his second year and the additions of Le’von Bell, Ty Montgomery, and Jamison Crowder should give the young QB all the offensive help he needs to compile a winning record in 2019. - LOSS

Bills under 6.5 – In no way are the Bills a threat to win 7 games.  Yes they improved in the second half of 2018 going 4-4 in their last 8 games, but that was against the Jets, Dolphins (twice), and Jags, not exactly a murders row of talent in 2018. - LOSS

Dolphins over 4.5 – Conventional wisdom says the Dolphins are “Tanking for Tua”, that they’ve already given up the 2019 season. But conventional wisdom doesn’t make money and conventional wisdom is the safe space that handicappers hide behind. Ryan Fitzpatrick was brought in to challenge Josh Rosen for the starting QB job. Both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen have shown signs of being competent passers in this league and let’s face it the Fins have a habit of stealing one from the Pats and always beating the Jets. Add in games against the laughing stock Giants and Washington and the Fins are already at 4 wins. We are betting that they find a way to find another win, remember they play the Bengals in week in 16 which could very well be a battle for the number 1 pick! - WIN

AFC South

Houston over 8.5 – After compiling an 11 win season in 2018 the Texans are setting their sights on the Super Bowl in 2019. Deshaun Watson is a legitimate MVP candidate and the vaunted Houston defense has shown no signs of slowing down.  - WIN

Colts under 9.5 – As we said last year and will say every year that Andrew Luck is in the league, the whole season and future of the Colts is dependent on his health. He is THE premier passer in this league. He is THE premier player in this league. And he is without a doubt THE most important player in all of professional sports. When he is healthy his team is a playoff team with Super Bowl aspirations. When he is hurt his teams are barely competent. With his health in question heading into the final weeks of the Pre Season we can not in good conscious advise you take the over. - WIN

Jacksonville under 8.5 – In what seems like a mistake the Vegas book makers have listed the Jaguars at 8.5 wins, which is the same total as the Houston Texans! The Jags signed Nick Foles who once again last year worked some magic with a championship caliber team in Philadelphia. Jacksonville is not a championship level team, in fact they are not even a good team and no amount of Big Dick Nick magic is going to change that. - WIN

Tennessee over 8 – The Titans are consistently a quality team that faces the challenge of playing with a “running” quarterback. Mariota is often hurt causing the Titans to play defensive battles while they hide their offense from game ruining replacements like Blaine “Soon to be in the XFL” Gabbert. They went out and signed Ryan Tannehill which will do wonders to stabilize the much needed and oft used backup QB position. - WIN

AFC North

Pittsburgh over 9 – The Steelers went 9-6-1 in 2018 with an unhappy Brown, a no show Bell, and an aging Roethlisberger. 2019 will be a bounce back year for the black and gold, now that the distractions of Brown and Bell have been shipped out of town. We expect a huge year out of Big Ben, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Donte Moncrief will have no trouble replacing the once great Brown and the Steelers should be on their way back to the playoffs. - LOSS

Baltimore under 8.5 – At -140 the Ravens under is one of the biggest prices on the board. For some reason the Ravens Brass decided to jettison future Hall of Fame candidate Joe Flacco for unproven and just waiting to get hurt Lamar Jackson.- LOSS

Cleveland under 9 – The Browns are the hottest pick in all of the NFL. Additions of Odell “probably in the closet” Beckham Jr and Kareem Hunt as well as the maturation of Baker “I wear a headband to hide my hair line” Mayfield has the football world a buzz. Yes the Browns are long on talent, but they are also long on personalities, but to bet that first time Head Coach Freddie “I spend too much time in the kitchen” Kitchens will be able to hold it all together is completely unreasonable. WIN

Cincinnati under 6.5 – The Bengals were 5-3 at the half way point last year and the proceeded to go 1-7 in their final 8 games. Andy Dalton is competent at best and with an aging AJ Green, a middle of the road RB situations and rookie head coach the Bengals are destined to be in the mix for the number 1 pick come last December. WIN

AFC West

Chiefs over 10.5 – Patrick Mahomes is as electric a player this league has seen in decades. Andy Reid continues to produce regular seasons at an incredible pace. A pace that is only matched by the one he sets for losing playoff games. WIN

Broncos under 7.5 – The addition of Joe Flacco is a much needed piece of the playoff puzzle for the once proud Bronco team, but a cast of no name receivers and middling running backs won’t be enough to breakthrough in what should be a crowed and competitive AFC playoff picture.WIN

Chargers over 9.5 – The Chargers and Phillip Rivers are one of the most frustrating teams in the NFL. They consistently play down to competition and loss games they have no business losing, while at the same time they can compile a 12-4 record going 7-1 on the road. The 2019 edition of the Southern California Chargers will be no different, 10 wins is well within reach for this talented bunch. WIN

Raiders under 6 – Unbelievably Vegas set the Raiders number at 8.5 last year and we CASHED IN HUGE with the easiest of unders all year. This year Vegas has made the same mistake. Derek Carr is simply not as talented as the experts want you to believe. Jon Gruden showed the world last year exactly why you don’t want a 10 million a year head coach. LOSS

NFC East

Cowboys over 9 – The Cowboys are the definition of a quality team. They have been built the right way, from the inside out and because of that they have produced winning teams year in and year out. Dak Prescott is in the middle of contract talks and players have a habit of playing up to their potential when money in on the line, especially when a rumored 40 million a year is on the table.LOSS

Giants under 6 – On Friday April 26th, 2019 we here at wrote that the Giants under 6 was the Lock of the Year and today on August 17th, 2019 our opinion has only grown stronger. The Giants are complete laughingstock. Head coach Pat Shurmur’s ineptitude is only matched General Manager Dan Gettleman’s total lack of vision and ability to build a team. Eli Manning was never good to begin with and hasn’t produced even a competent season (winning record + double TDs to Int ratio) since 2008, which is the ONLY time he achieved a feat that Tom Brady has achieved for 12 straight seasons and Dak Prescott has done twice in his three years in the league). WIN

Philadelphia over 10.5 – The Eagles are still a Championship level team and were just minutes and a dropped pass away from the NFC Championship game last year. The departure of all world backup Nick Foles means Carson Wentz’s ability to stay healthy is of even more importance this year. LOSS

Washington under 6 – Colt McCoy, Case Keenum, and Dwayne Haskins are the quarterbacks, enough said. - 1-8 - When your only win is against he Dolphins does it really even count?

NFC North

Chicago under 9.5 – The Bears proved us and world wrong last year when they won 12 games and hosted a playoff game. Mitchell Trubisky is still limited as a thrower at the NFL level, but Khalil Mack proved to be the most important defensive player in an ever-increasing offensive league. The Bears will content for a playoff spot again this year and this number may be the hardest of all 32 this year. WIN

Green Bay over 9.5 – As long as Aaron Rodgers is under center and healthy the Packers are always going to be an over bet. Rodgers does have his work cut out for him this year as his best targets are Geronimo Allison, and Jimmy Graham.WIN

Detroit over 6.5 – Somehow the Lions managed to win 6 games in what was a the definition of a lackluster season in 2018. Matt Patricia enters his second season as a head coach and we are betting that the experience he gained last year will prove valuable and produce a winning season for the Lions. LOSS

Minnesota under 9.5 – Imagine anyone thinking that lifelong loser Kirk Cousins has the ability to produce a 10 season in the NFL. The Viking defense will keep them in games and the talent around Cousins will win games, but 10 wins remains out of the question until they get a QB who doesn’t make the most costly mistake and the most costly time. LOSS

NFC South

Saints over 10 – The Saints won an effortless 13 games in 2018 and if not for one of the worst missed calls in NFL history they would have been playing in the Super Bowl. Alvin Kamara returns for his third season and first without backfield mentor and running mate Mark Ingram. Brees will regress at some point, but even if it is this season the Saints are loaded with talent and Taysom Hill has proven to be a more than adequate backup. WIN

Falcons under 8.5 – Atlanta struggled to find their rhythm all season long in 2018 and haven’t addressed their lack of consistency issues in the offseason. Head Coach Dan Quinn continues to be on the hot seat and we are betting a slow start leads to turmoil and another sub .500 record for the dirty birds.WIN

Panthers under 8 – Last season the Panthers were 5-2 and looking like one of the most offensively dynamic teams in the NFL. Mcaffery has become the best run catch back in the league and is a legitimate MVP candidate. However the Panthers are led by Cam Newton who has never gotten over the thrashing he took in the Super Bowl. Carolina is talented, but they are flawed. WIN

Tampa Bay under 6.5 – For the second straight year in a row the Bucs are pegged at 6.5 wins. We won easy last year when they won just 5 games. Now with offensive Head Coach Bruce Arians running things most experts are thinking Jameis Winston is going to mature and take the next step toward becoming a top QB, but we know better and we know the Arians will have Winston on the bench by week 10 and he’ll be looking towards the future even before that. - LOSS

NFC West

Rams under 10.5 – In what no doubt is the toughest number to predict we have the Rams under. To give you the inside info, our experts said that had the number been 10, they would have been an over.  Super Bowl losers usually have a tough time the following season, but the Rams are so talented that they will no doubt be at the top of their division. 11 wins is just a bit too much for a team that plays the Saints, Browns, Steelers, Bears, and Cowboys in 2019. WIN

49ers under 8.5 – We picked them as an over in 2018 due to our belief in Jimmy G. Well he got hurt and is now coming off knee surgery. The Niners will be an improved team off their 4 win season but picking them to win 9 is just irresponsible.  LOSS

Seattle under 8.5 – Pete Carroll had his most impressive season as Head Coach last year guiding the Seahawks to a 10 win season with virtually no offensive talent aside from Russell Wilson. Unfortunately for the boys from the Pacific Northwest Wilson continues to hide the teams glaring shortcomings and the front office did nothing to address the lack of on field talent.LOSS

Arizona under 5.5 – Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray may be saying all the right things and promising to be dynamic, but the Cardinals are possibly the most talent starved team in all the NFL. David Johnson is another year older and having carried a heavy load for much of the past 3 season he is due to slow down. The Cardinals do have winnable games against he Bucs, Giants, Bengals, and Lions, but even if they will all those games they’ll still have to find a win to scratch out 2 more wins. WIN