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Friday Night #MAACtion

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Friday January 17th, 2020

We are changing the game over promise at a time.  Two nights in a row we've gone 2-1 on our pay picks and two nights in a row we've returned all payments!  Even when we produce profits we still want more and that means you win even more.

Tonight we have a couple #MAACtion games to get your weekend started right.  Fairfield travels to Iona who is having they worst season in a long time and Canisius  hosts a tough upstart Siena team who  has yet to win on the road.

Pay Picks- 2 #MAACtion games and 1 NHL game guaranteed to return a profit or your money back.  Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports with your number for tonight's picks.

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Yale -11 at 1 unit

Michigan +4.5 at 1 

Thursday January 16th, 2020

Who guarantees perfect days?  Us and no one else.  We are the only handicapping service anywhere in the world that guarantees perfect days or we refund all your money!  Last night we hit 2 of 3 bets and didn't lose on our free picks and we still refunded every dime that was paid for our service.  That is how you live up a to promise, that is how trust and accountability is built. 

Tonight we have 3 Mid Majors that are too good to be true so we are once again guaranteeing a perfect night.  You simply can not lose!

Pay Picks - 3 Mid Major games ALL guaranteed to win or your money back.  Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports with your number for tonight's picks. -LOSS, North Texas, Hofstra, Austin Peay

Free picks

Manhattan -2 at 1 unit - WIN

Islanders/Bruins Parlay at 1 unit - LOSS

Wednesday January 15th,2020

Pay Picks - Winners of Florida St vs Virginia, Marquette vs Xavier, and North Dakota vs South Dakota State ALL guaranteed or your money back.  Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports with your number for tonight's picks. - LOSS, FSU, Marquette, South Dakota State

Free picks

St Johns +5 at 1 unit - PUSH

Stanford -2.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Tuesday January 14th, 2020

Well Clemson hung in for a little while, but LSU proved to be too much and simply too good.  

Tonight we have a few NHL and NCAAB games.  We are entering a time of the year where picking your spots becomes the most important thing in gambling.  There are tons of games and it is easy to become overwhelmed, so sit back and choose wisely.

Pay Picks - 1 NHL game guaranteed to win or your money back. - LOSS

Free picks

Oilers +104 at 1 unit - WIN

Virginia Tech -3.5 at 1 unit - WIN

Villanova -9.5 at 1 unit - LOSS

Monday January 13th, 2020

It's National Title day!  The undefeated Clemson Tigers take on the number 1 ranked unbeaten LSU Tigers.  The college football season comes to an end this evening and there hasnt been a more anticipated game in recent history.  LSU is playing in their back yard and Clemson will have to contend with not only Heisman trophy winner Joe Burrow, but also 80,000 rapid fans.  If there is any team and coach that can handle it, it is Clemson and Dabo Sweeney.  It will be the challenge of their lives and should make for the game of the decade.

Pay Pick - Winner of Clemson vs LSU guaranteed or your money back.  Venmo $20 to @MaxActionSports with your number for tonight's pick. - LOSS

Free Pick 

Islanders/St Louis/Flyers parlay at 1 - LOSS